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  1. Those are adorable!! What a great way to give them the option to roam and not have to worry!! Might need to make one for my teenage son! ha/ha

      • Lynda Richardson Reply

        I love the catios my 4 cats would love them. But unfortunately I don’t have much of a back yard to put one in. Your cats are adorable. I also have a dog that would love them. Thanks for the ideas.

        • The Blissful Bee

          Oh I bet dogs would love them too! I’ve also see some people do little shelves outside of an enclosed window if they don’t have enough room for a catio 🙂

        • Kimberly Williams Reply

          I made a catio in a few hours…had the gray fencing left from another project and put it in under my trek deck…around the posts underneath…perfect 5′ high and enclosed. I put a big planter in it with catnip and cat grass for laying on. Also upside down big plastic black plant holder’s are great for the cats to be up on and laying on in the sun…they already have holes on the bottom so they drain well. I had already put pebbles all around my house…like my last house…they are great and easy to maintain/weed. The cats lay on the pebbles and the driftwood which I have collected from the beach which they love to claw, romp, and lay on. The window is in just the right place and I open it enuf for them to go in and out…with a carpeted mat for the landing area.

  2. Your cats are beautiful, I’m going to have to follow you on Instagram. I love the catios you found. I know my cat would really love to have one.

  3. Wow, these are high end. Now I really, really want to come back as a cat in my next life! Also, gives me an idea of how I could convert my kiddos’ playground set to a catio when they get older.

    • The Blissful Bee

      I know, aren’t they so fancy?? People are so creative these days!! My catio probably won’t be as extravagant, but at least it will give my kitty cats the fresh air they love so much :):)

  4. i love this! those are some excellent catio digs. we just got back from vacation, and i found out there was a cat cafe there, so of course we had to go. that place was ridiculously impressive. and apparently austrian cats are the same as american cats, in that they ignore you and couldn’t care less. but, i love them still!

  5. There are some really neat cat spaces here! I have to show this to my daughter so she will have some inspiration when she moves into a house someday. I wish I would have those of something like this when my daughter lived with us and we were raising cats.

  6. These are great. I got my husband to build ours for our trio, tomorrow will be quints hehe. I just wish i could workout how to upload pictures to show you.

  7. We have two new kittens Norwegian Forest cats, at 5 minths they are already the size of our old moggies! But I need to build a catio to allow them outside and climb bless! So thanks for these design thoughts, we do not have a large garden but surrounded by trees so they’d be off ha ha!

  8. Building a proper and secure Catio requires a fair amount of work and expertise. Habitat Haven is the home of the original Catio and keeping cats safe and happy is the foundation of our business. Check out our modular enclosures.

  9. I built my catio with an old gazebo frame against my privacy fence, my neighbors scrape chicken wire and scrap wood. Staple gun, nails, and wire ties. The only thing I bought was two corrugated clear plastic pieces for the roof. It is roughly 10 X 8 feet with a separate run and grass square. My cats love it. You can easily build one with scraps. Thank you for sharing as we are going to build another soon at a new house. Safe cats are happy cats.

  10. Susan Violette Reply

    I am wanting to install a cattery out of a chicken coop, my question is how do I attach to the window for my cat’s to come in and out of the house? I have a slidung upright window

  11. I’m also moving to a new house by June. There’s a covered patio right outside of the basement that I plan to turn into a catio for my three cats. I can’t wait! I might use one of those purchased cages also, since it’s cheaper than bringing in a carpenter right away. I saw some on the Wayfair website. Good luck with your new home, baby and catio.

  12. I have casement windows, the kind that you roll out. The screens are inside with the windows themselves opening outside. I am thinking of adding a catio of some sort for my two, but have not seen any type of cat door that would work with casements. Any ideas anyone?

    • Kimberly Williams Reply

      I would add a cat door to the screen and attach it to where the side of the frame is and the bottom of the screen frame is…either side…depending on where your casement window opens…that way you only have to open the window so far for ingress/egress of your cats. You can always secure your screen into your window with better/longer screws so that it does not pop out so easily with use or tape whichever you prefer….I had a cat who found out how to pop my screens out of the windows…so I taped them on the outside and that was that…invisible tape preferred. Hope you have a catio soon…I luv mine…its soooo carefree and usefull.

  13. Awesome thanks Blissful Bee
    I’m psyched by the use of under deck
    .will use that with deck for my cat fam.
    So many ideas for all types of area challenges. Mice to see how other pet parents are doing!

  14. I have had a catio I purchased that looks more like a prison than a catio. My poor cats have yet to use it because every time we get strong winds it blows over. I paid over $400 for this thing & it’s so small It wouldn’t make one cat happy. Now I live on social security disability which isn’t much but I have to hire a carpenter to try to make something out of this thing by adding to it. Watch what you see on the internet with the already made ones. They’re expensive & the picture is deceiving. It looks much bigger online than when you get it.

  15. We just adopted two more cats, one year olds, very rambunctious.
    I would love to build a catio, or convert the aviary that our parrots never use,
    but would still have the issue we have now: we can’t get near the outside doors without
    an ambush or fearing one!
    Our two 7-year resident cats are indoor-outdoor, but I always swore no more outdoor cats!
    These two, foisted on us by a desperate friend, are possibly smarter than us….
    They may not be felines….
    But we have a dog door and plenty of space. Now to convince them that this is better than
    our huge yard! Is that possible?

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