The cabinets got installed a few weeks ago (err months ago?), the flooring is also installed and we’re nearing the finish line. The next step in this process is to paint the cabinets. And if you’re not already following along in my reno, you can do so here or on my instagram here.

Like I said in my last cabinet update, often times, your cabinet builder will paint the cabinets in their own shop before they install. Then once they’re installed they do touch up. Well, we already had a painter that we had been working with (and LOVED), so we chose to use them to paint our cabinets after they were installed.

It’s normally a good idea to get all the painting done before installing your flooring, but due to some scheduling conflicts, we had to do the opposite. Thankfully our painters are pros and covering the floor was no problem. In fact, they spent a lot of their time covering the floor to ensure nothing would get damaged. I was so thankful for that because after waiting so long for my beautiful hardwoods, I would have been devastated if anything happened to them.


Once the paper and plastic were laid down, it was time for the painters to caulk everything. Once caulked, the paint was the next step. They sprayed our cabinets (in and out) with a water-based paint rather than oil based. We didn’t want a high-gloss, so there was no need to use oil paint. The above photo is our “pantry wall.” More fun details on that later.


And here we have a shot of the main kitchen with our island. The colors we chose were White Dove for the main cabinets and Black Magic for the island (both Sherwin Williams). And as you can see, we also painted our window trim in that same Sherwin Williams Black Magic color.  Best. Decision. Ever.


This little area is going to host a wall-mounted flatscreen TV as well as our bar accessories. The two open cabinets you see will display things like coffee mugs, wine glasses etc. And the opening in the center is for our beverage cooler for wine and beer.

And if you’re not already following along in my reno, you can do so here or on my instagram here.

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