If you don’t know yet, my husband and I are expecting baby number two this July! Yupp. You heard that correctly. Hudson was born last July on the 27th and baby #2 is due for this July 28th. 

I like to think we’re just really efficient… A renovation, a baby — eh, why not just throw another one in there, right?

Anywhoo, now that I’m out of the first trimester, I’m feeling much better. I already surpassed week 20, which means I’m officially half way through! Cheers to that. Last week we had our second sonogram to find out the sex of the baby and to make sure everything was looking good so far.

boy_girlI was excited, but most of all I was terrified.

I’ve never shared this on the blog, but last year during this same sonogram, we found out that Hudson had a severe case of clubfoot; a deformation in the feet that simply make them turn inward. I had never heard of this before and was devastated. I took off the rest of the day and just cried. I didn’t know what his future held and didn’t know what to expect. Thankfully Chad was by my side and calmed me down enough to start researching more about the diagnosis.


Long story short, the treatment for clubfoot is non-invasive and completely curable. Our sweet Hudson wore two casts on his legs for the first three months of his life to reform his feet, then braces full time for three months, and now he just wears special shoes at night. He’s totally fine and will most likely never even know anything was ever wrong. We are so thankful!

So as you can imagine, when walking into our sonogram last week, all I could think about was the health of my sweet unborn baby. The year prior, I was so focused on gender that I didn’t even think anything else could be wrong. This time around I didn’t care whether it was a boy or girl. I just wanted a healthy baby.


I had been feeling like it was a girl the whole time. No clue why, I just had a feeling. Boy or girl, we couldn’t go wrong. If it was a boy, Hudson would have a brother he could get into all sorts of mischief with. If it was a girl, we would have one of each!

Well, guess what?

I guess you can’t argue with a mother’s intuition because we’re having a little girl! It looks like Hudson is going to have a little sis to look out for. And as my husband has already determined there will be no sleepovers at our house (for either kid) past the age of 10… Oh boy, we’ve got a lot of fun years to look forward to!


And what’s even better news? So far she looks completely healthy! No clubfoot found or anything else that we need to be worried about thus far. So, so thankful.

And like any expecting mom might do, I just had to create a Pinterest board for my little girl! You can check it out HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 4.13.29 PM

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  1. So excited for you sweet friend! Such an amazing few years and I’m so excited for you!! Hudson is the cutest and I know baby girl will be too (as will that gorgeous home of yours). Hope to see you again soon! xoxo

  2. Congratulations, Amy! You will certainly have your hands full, but how amazing for these two to be so close in age! They’ll be best friends! 🙂 So happy for you and your family!

  3. Congratulations! A sweet baby girl, how precious… happy for you! Also, feeling tired for you just thinking about a toddler, a pregnancy and a renovation all at once!

  4. I’m sorry you had to deal with so much worry with your little son. Our daughter who is now 45 wore braces until school age and became a star athelete in high school. Our next door neighbor was the high schoolgirls swim coach and she told me she’d been born with – club foot. You’re right, I would have never guessed. How nice that your family will grow to enjoy a daughter! You will have a friend for the rest of your life.

    • The Blissful Bee

      Thank you for sharing this! I’ve heard so many wonderful stories like this over the last year. It’s crazy how many people know someone who had club foot as a baby – far more than I ever would have expected. Especially since I had never even heard of it.

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