You’ve seen them in Better Homes and Gardens. You’ve seen them in Architectural Digest. Heck. You’ve seen them ALL OVER Pinterest. They’ve become a staple in the ideal southern home and I’ve been dying to have one for quite some time. Let me introduce to you the hanging swing, also known as the hanging bed due to its literal bed-sized dimensions. I’ve been obsessing over them for some time, and here’s why.

1. They’re THE Statement Piece of Your Entire Front (or Back) Porch

image and product above (The All-American Bed Swing) found here:

Although some may come at a pretty penny, I have to say, these beds are worth saving for. They’re a statement piece (to say the least) and the first impression when you (and your guests) walk up to your beloved home.

And just a heads up… Four Oak Bed Swings and I will be GIVING AWAY one of these beautiful swings very soon. Make sure to follow me on instagram (@theblissfulbee) to find out when the giveaway is live.

2. They Come in All Shapes & Sizes to Fit Your Needs

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While the majority of the hanging swings are seen in the twin-size “mattress” option, you can also find them in smaller and larger options as well (as seen above in a MUCH larger size option, which you can find it here). For a cheaper way to go, you can choose a crib-size “mattress”, and if you’re looking to go all out, I’ve even seen some hanging beds come in a full-size option as well (and even some queen size if you’re wanting something more custom).

3. You Don’t Have to Get Them Custom Made

image and product above (Charleston Bed Swing)  found here:

When I started seeing these beauties swarm Pinterest a few years ago, I thought I would never be able to own one myself. I thought they’re merely for luxury resorts or million dollar homes. I hadn’t yet seen many places selling them and figured most of them were all custom builds.

Well thankfully that’s no longer the case. After researching what was on the market, Four Oak Bed Swings immediately caught my eye with their detailed work and southern-inspired designs. I’ve been communicating back and forth with them regarding my front porch swing design and LOVE their hands-on customer service. They helped me create the PERFECT design for my front porch hanging swing (seen below with my hubs and sweet baby boy).

4. They Will Create Lasting Memories

product above (Seaside Bed Swing)  found here:

Growing up as a child, my family had a front porch with a swing. My grandma also had a swing on her pack patio, which my mom and dad still have to this day. I have lasting memories of swinging with my siblings, stray kitties, and old neighborhood friends. Memories that I think might be responsible for my love of porches and outdoor living.

Once our swing arrived, we noticed an immediate lifestyle change. We ditched our evening TV shows and started spending more and more time on our front porch. We’re out there enjoying our swing nearly every night.

5. They’re Both Practical AND Beautiful

image and product above (Seaside Bed Swing)  found here:

Not many people think of outdoor furniture as practical, but if you’re anything like myself or my family, then you spend a TON of time outdoors. In fact, when the weather is right, I’m outside more than I’m inside. My outdoor spaces become a second living room. So for me, I look at outdoor furniture the same way I look at my indoor furniture. So when I’m purchasing outdoor pieces, I want them to be comfortable, but beautiful all at the same time. And I think it goes without saying that these hanging beds are very much both of those things. I mean it’s a hanging BED. You can’t get much more comfortable than a BED.

And just a reminder, Four Oak Bed Swings and I will be giving away one of these fabulous swings very soon. Stay tuned by following me on instagram (@theblissfulbee).

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