Looking back at my childhood, I still distinctly remember the day when we moved into our new house the summer after my 5th grade year. It was a newer and larger home than we previously lived in, and although that part was cool to a 10-year-old soon-to-be 6th grader, the one thing I was most excited about was the new pool my parents planned to put in. I’ll never forget the day it was finally done. The plaster was set and dried, and after months of anxiously waiting, the water hose began to fill up our new pool.

I grew up in that backyard. Every birthday, every 4th of July, every Halloween, and just about every weekend we were out in that pool. It didn’t matter if it was 30 degrees outside. We heated up the spa and jumped right on in.

When Chad and I purchased our home last year, I told him there were two things I really wanted. One of those two things was a pool. (The other was painting our brick white (you can see some posts on that here and here), but we’ll get into that later…) We knew this was the house we were going to raise our family in, and we both agreed that a pool was something we wanted for the whole family to enjoy.  We wanted an outdoor environment that we could develop traditions in and create lasting memories like my parents did for me growing up.

Once we both agreed on a pool, we began shopping around for reputable pool companies as well as deciding on a pool design that we both loved. It didn’t take long to start developing my pinterest board full of design inspiration. Before we knew it, we had our design picked out. The look we were going for was modern, but still classic and inviting. We love the feel of that Palm Springs, California feel, so that’s the direction we headed.

Here are a few of the inspiration photos we showed our pool company:


image source


image source


image source


image source

And here was the design they presented us after showing them our design inspirations. Isn’t is amazing???

If you’re having trouble viewing the video, you can also view it here.  And below are some of the 3-D renderings. Pretty crazy what they can do these days, huh?






We started construction on the pool last fall and completed it in November, so I will have many updates for you guys over the next few months. Can’t wait to start sharing the progress!!

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  1. Linda Grubbs Reply

    Wow! Beautiful pool and area!!!! Can’t wait to see more. 🙂

  2. Stunning pool area, I love how their are steps at nearly every side of the pool. It allows easy access and lots of places to sit and hang out. Can not wait to see the outdoor home decor you choose and to hear about the memories your family can make in your outdoor oasis.

    • The Blissful Bee

      Thank you! We’re excited for it to be completely done – we’re getting so close! And yes – we LOVE all the steps – especially the tanning ledge. We won’t be using it for tanning yet though. We’re thinking that will be a perfect shallow place for us to sit with our kiddos!

  3. Just found you via your cats ….so lovely!!!!!…and love your pool design. As a mom who had a tiny when we had a pool I just want to remind you to make sure you have a great pool deterrent before your little fellow is able to wander and get into mischief. I researched until I was blue in the face. I am sure you are on top of this, but I didn’t realize how quickly little ones really take off!!

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