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Over the years I’ve noticed a pattern in what I carry in my bag. I’ve always considered myself a walking pharmacy! I have crazy allergies, so you can always count on me to carry some of the Walgreens basics – Clariton, Benedryl, Cortizone, asthma inhaler… ya know, the usual! But aside from my pharmacy essentials, I also have my everyday essentials.

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1. The Bag:  Michael Kors Tote

This bag is my go-to bag. It’s a medium/large tote and easily carries just about anything. It’s also super affordable at only $198

2. My Favorite Hand Lotion: Bath & Body Works Hand Cream

Bath & Body Works is literally one of my favorite places! They are always offering sales and also has an awesome app that will give you an even larger discount on each purchase. Their White Citrus Hand Cream is my favorite I’ve found thus far. It’s not just a lotion, it’s a hand cream, so it really moisturizes well and smells SO good.

3. Protein Bar: Think Thin Chocolate Fudge Bar

I have severe low blood sugar issues, so if I don’t eat some sort of protein every few hours, I will pass out. It’s really scary and can happen rather quickly, so I always have to carry some sort of protein bar on me at all times. I have tried a number of protein bars, but a lot of them are either not very high in protein and contain too much sugar (which wouldn’t help me at all), or they are body builder bars and very high in fat… which I clearly don’t want. I’m also allergic to peanut butter so that cancels out a ton of brands as well. I finally found a brand called ThinkThin. They have 20 grams of protein and are low in sugar. They are also relatively low in fat, so I can eat them between meals when I’m feeling like I might pass out. And my favorite thing about them is they are SUPER tasty!

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5. Sunglasses: Cat Eye Sunglasses

I know a ton of people say spending money on Sunglasses is always worth it, but I actually think the total opposite. I typically just throw my sunglasses in my bag and they get tattered over time. I like the fact that I don’t have to worry about losing or scratching a $200 pair of glasses. These sunglasses are some of my favorites I’ve owned. They were $7 when I bought them from Amazon about a year ago, and I STILL love them and STILL have them.

6. ChapStick: Medicated Original

I have used the ChapStick brand chap stick ever since I can remember. I actually think I might be addicted. I have to have one in my purse at all times along with another one by my bed at all times. Basically, I just need it near me where ever I go! I like the medicated original because the scent is minimal and it lasts a long time.

7. Lip Stick: Maybelline Red Revival 

Every girl needs some red lipstick in their bag, right?!? For some reason I’ve found myself always keeping a red lip color in my bag.

8. Lip Gloss: Victoria Secret Lip Gloss

I’ve been wearing my Victoria Secret lip gloss ever since I was in high school. I love the colorless look they give and they always smell SO good! Apparently they’re also edible… but I’ve never gotten that brave.

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  1. I have that same MK tote and love it to pieces. It goes with practically everything! After reading this post I saw the Think Thin bars on sale in my grocery store. They are pretty tasty. Thanks for sharing!

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