Today’s post is about a fun challenge that I have been a part of called Waverize It! Jo-Anns and Waverly fabric has teamed up to celebrate National Sewing Month and Waverly’s 90th Anniversary. Us bloggers get to participate in their blogger contest, but there is also a Facebook challenge going on if you love to sew but don’t have a blog. The Facebook contest runs through September 22nd, so make to check it out HERE for more info. There are some fun prizes too; you can win $1,000 in Waverly fabrics or a $200 gift card to JoAnns!


A few weeks ago Waverly sent me their fabric and I was SO happy with the pattern I received. I had seen this print at JoAnns many times and always swooned over the beautiful organic shapes in the pattern. The blue was an exact match to the blue in my master bedroom, so I knew where I wanted it to go.

You might have noticed I haven’t posted about my master bedroom yet. The reason? Well I just haven’t been happy with the direction it was going in. AKA I didn’t have a direction! The space was just kind of “blah” in my opinion; it needed something to make it POP! … Something to make the look cohesive. I needed an inspiration piece.

When I got the fabric in for the Waverize It contest, I knew this was going to be my inspiration piece for the room. Now I just needed to figure out where I would use it. I had an old set of euro pillows that I loved, but their pattern (white and cream stripes) didn’t really go with my other 2 euro pillows. (I have a king bed and need a TON of pillows!) I thought, if I could just recover them with my new fabric, my pillows would finally be cohesive! As much as I hated to recover them, I knew it needed to be done to complete the space. The moment I started the project, I was giddy about my decision. The large print looked BEAUTIFUL on the euro pillow – I was ecstatic.

Oh, and P.S. I slipcovered our headboard for this post. My new pillows should feel special:)

** Note: I wouldn’t normally sew a non-removable pillow cover on something that is used often  like an accent pillow that sits on a couch or chair, but since this is our bedroom (and lets be honest, I don’t make my bed every day) these pillows aren’t used 24/7. In other words, I’m not all that worried about washing them. Please don’t judge me:)

Ok, moving on to the tutorial!!


1. Lay your 2 yards of fabric flat on the ground and fold in half.
2. Lay your pillows over the folded fabric with the edge against the fold.
3. Measure your pillow, turn fabric inside out (non-pattern side showing) and mark your measurements on the fabric. I made 2 sets of measurements. One set that was an inch longer than the pillow (aka the cutting measurements), and another set that was the exact measurement of the pillow (aka the sewing measurement). For example: These pillows were 26×26 inches and I was working with a fold. My cutting measurements were 28×27 (because of the fold). My sewing measurements were 26×26. See diagram below if this sounds confusing.
4. Leave your fabric inside out (non-pattern side showing) and cut along your “cutting” measurements.
5. Sew the two adjoining sides of the fold (along your “sewing” measurements) and leave one side open
6. Turn fabric back to where the pattern side is now showing. Insert the pillow into the open side.
7. With your open side, fold the fabric in and pin it closed.
8. With the pillow inside, sew the pillow shut. (The fold side will end up being the top of the pillow)

directionsAnd here are the “after” photos. I just photographed my master bedroom, so that reveal post will be coming soon!




So what do you guys think? In my opinion it’s a relatively easy project that makes such an impact. I want to give a HUGE thank you to Jo-Anns and Waverly Fabric for including me in their contest. My master bedroom thanks them too:)

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  1. Julia @cuckoo4design Reply

    Wow, what an amazing tutorial and I love the outcome!
    Can’t wait for the reveal post!

  2. Hotpinkthread Reply

    Wow, these are beautiful. I love this fabric, but I am totally confused on your measurements. Did you cut the fabric on a fold, so you are having two layers that you are seaming together? Thanks

    • The Blissful Bee

      I actually left the fold uncut. Just one less side to sew! Thats why the measurements aren’t even. Since you won’t be sewing that one side, the measurement will be 27 inches rather than 28 inches. Does that kind of make sense?

  3. Amy,
    Gorgeous pillows!
    I, too, recently made a POSH Pillow and new ticking covers for down feather pillows!!!
    Love your simple method, dear one!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Visiting from Marty’s!

  4. Oh that is gorgeous fabric! I actually saw your project when I googled in “Waverize It” the other day to see what the other bloggers had done. 🙂 So pretty!! Thanks for linking up on the Korner – Seeing this twice was good – I think your way of making pillows looks much easier/better than mine! (I’m NOT a seamstress!)

  5. Love the fabric and your pillows turned out wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the completed room.
    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Pieced Pastimes

  6. Luv all your pillow covers and they will be featured at my party on Monday. Please feel free to grab my starfish featured button for your blog.


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  10. I love the cushions, you make it seem so simple, maybe I should be making mine instead of spending money having them sewn for me, it would certainly save me a lot of money. I was planning on a completely new set of pillows for my sofa, the only thing is on a sofa I would probably need a zip as they are likely to get dirty easier than bedroom pillows.

    Love, love your blog,


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  12. I have got to know where the pillow with the fish pattern was found- love it. I am determined to redecorate my master bedroom over spring break (next week). I will either diy the bedding or look for something similar and follow your pillow idea. this by far is my favorite bedroom idea. got to get busy. thanks for such a lovely idea.

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