If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember the thrift store chair I posted about here, and then a progress picture, here. Although that was all the way back in October, I never seemed to photograph the finished product until now! Man, how time flies!

A few times a year Graham and I visit East Texas with Graham’s family and extended family. They still own the family house Graham’s dad grew up in, so it’s really special every time we visit. I might come back from the trip with a head full of allergies, but relaxing out in the country seems to make it all ok… oh, and a few Benadryl too;) Every trip, the guys take one for the team and stay at the house and watch the kids while the ladies head out for an afternoon of antiquing. I’ve come back just about every time with at least one special find and this last trip I happen to find this lovely gem:


If I remember correctly, the chair was listed for around $50, which wasn’t terrible considering the amazing condition it was in. I ended up getting the price down to $40 which made me one happy girl! What made the chair an even better buy was the fact that Graham really loved it – in fact, he might have been the one who spotted it first! It’s always nice when he’s on board with one of my crazy furniture finds. It makes the project more fun. Here is a before and after of the chair:


Alrighty now that we’ve seen what it’s going to look like, lets move on to the makeover. As much as I love the tweed upholstery (and don’t worry, it’s staying this way for quite some time), I knew one day I would like to change it up. Luckily, the structure was in such great condition, so reupholstering one day will be possible. Until then, all I wanted to do was re-stain the wood. I didn’t completely hate current color, but I also didn’t love it – especially with the style of our living room. It just didn’t work. So what did I do the moment I got home? Did I unpack from the weekend trip? No. Did I shower off all the East Texas dust? No. Instead I got even more dusty and began sanding down the wood. Oh yeah. It was one looooong afternoon.


I actually considered painting the wood white at first, but after taping up a white piece of paper, I realized the white paint wasn’t going to work either. So back to the re-staining option!


I first took the chair outside and started sanding the wood using my Ryobi electric “mouse” sander. I’m telling you, this project literally wouldn’t have been possible without it. I tried using normal sand paper at first, but the sanding job was just too large for regular sand paper.



After many hours of sanding, the chair finally started to shape up. I literally needed to sand down every bit of the previous stain in order to stain it the new dark color I was going for. After I was finished using my electric sander, I then went in with some hand sanding to get the remaining edges sanded down. Throughout the entire sanding process, I used my vacuum to clean up all of the dust from the sanding. I didn’t want to ruin the upholstery, so I vacuumed the chair quite frequently.


Next came the staining step. I taped off the upholstery and began (very carefully) staining the wood.


Some of the edges of the wood still didn’t take the stain like I was hoping, so I went in with an antiquing glaze to give the unstained wood a “stained” look. This was a very tedious task, because I didn’t want any of the glaze to ruin the upholstery. I used a foam brush and lightly glazed the edges to match the rest of the dark stain.


And tada! All done!










And once more, the before and after:


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  1. This came out so perfectly! From the “before” picture, when you mentioned you were keeping the fabric, I was a bit skeptical, but it looks amazing in the “afters”! The dark wood totally redeemed what I originally perceived as dated & frumpy fabric. Such a wonderful makeover!

    • The Blissful Bee

      I was worried about the tweed as well! But I knew the dark stain would make it look for cohesive and less “70’s doctor waiting room”ish haha

  2. What a beautiful job you did! I love the chair as a whole, I think it adds a really refined masculine touch to the room.

  3. Amy, this looks awesome! I do love the masculine style and the stain makes all the difference! Great find and love the pillow!

  4. Angela Hevron Reply

    Oh my goodness! I am moving soon and really want to get into refurbishing furniture. I love love love this chair! You’ve given me inspiration to go out and try it on my own. Thanks!

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