It seems like the succulent trend has been happening for a while now. They are so beautiful to photograph, their colors are simply stunning, and their organic shapes take your breath away. But that’s not why I jumped on the bandwagon. Yes they are beautiful, duh. But I actually jumped on the bandwagon for a different reason. I. kill. plants. I kill just about any and all plants that come into my presence. I don’t know what it is, but I couldn’t keep a plant alive if you paid me!

A few weeks ago I posted about my new air plants, here. These are supposed to be rather low maintenance and so far so good. Well, minus Bailey thinking they are her toys and chewing up half of them as she pounces from room to room. Three have survived and the other 2 are in the ICU currently trying to be revived. I’m hopeful for their recovery, but I cannot make any promises. There is a good chance we might lose 2… Anyways! I really liked the low maintenance of my air plants so I decided to invest in some succulents as well. And when I say invest, I mean like 2 bucks a pop. I think I can handle that kind of investment.

The Blissful Bee

I picked them up from Central Market at around $2.60 a piece. They also had some amazing (and HUGE) air plants as well, but I decided to pass on those since they were ranging anywhere from $9 to $25 a piece. I picked out 2 of my favorite succulents, brought them home and immediately hid them from Bailey.

As you can tell, I decided to plant these in some mason jars. No, I didn’t go out and buy these jars from a store – I actually just used some old spaghetti sauce and Alfredo sauce jars I had leftover. After soaking off the labels, they were ready to be used!

The Blissful Bee

The turquoise jar you see is actually a fun little margarita glass from a wedding Graham and I attended last summer. I hadn’t used it in forever, so I thought this would be the perfect use for it.

The Blissful Bee

The Blissful Bee

The Blissful Bee

After arranging my succulents, I realized I still had my air plants that could be used in the arrangement. I snagged the remaining 3 survivors and sprinkled them throughout the succulents. Air plants don’t need soil, so I literally just placed them on top of the soil next to the planted succulents. Rather than watering these like a normal plant, I will simply spray the plants with water once a week.

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  1. Found you from Made in a Day. Love this idea, and your photography is great. I’m definitely going to have to try this!

  2. How funny you chose succulents. I just picked some up over the weekend. I love them. Love the use of the jars. I used some champagne corks. Drilled out the middle and planted a small one in each cork. Grouped together makes a nice arrangement.

  3. I heard these little guys are super easy to take care of? I kill almost ever plant ever. I have kept an orchid alive for a couple of months. I’m stopping by from the blog hop & I’m a new follower through Bloglovin. Your blog is great!

    • The Blissful Bee

      Yes they are super easy! I tried keeping an orchid alive and it only lasted for about a month haha I’m hoping for better results with my succulents:)

  4. I love the simplicity of the mason jars! I’ve been looking to add some small planters to my kitchen and this just gave me the motivation! Great idea!

  5. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. Reply

    Really sweet! I love succulents and the recycled jars are fun and unexpected!

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  7. Super cute idea! Would be great if you’d share your post over at Fishtail Cottage’s Garden Party this upcoming Thursday. xoxo, tracie

  8. They are so cute…….just wondering, do they not need any drainage? Also, what is the difference between an air plant and a succulent? Just found you through Embracing Change.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

    • The Blissful Bee

      Thanks Mary! I’ve actually heard from some people that you do need drainage, and from other people that it doesn’t matter so much… so I’m going to wait and see haha. Since I only spray them once a week, I’m thinking it might not affect them too much? And an air plant is similar to a succulent in that it only requires minimal water. I spray my air plant once a week just like the succulent. They don’t need to be planted in soil, so I simply just placed it on top of the soil next to the succulents.

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  10. Cute idea. Succulents are so versatile and absolutely lovely. My son and his wife used them in their wedding reception table centerpieces last month. They were stunning–as yours are.

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  19. Anna Crosby Reply

    Wondering how your succulents did in the mason jars without any drainage? Did they survive with only a spray of water each week? I ask only because I am teaching a class tomorrow on succulents and some of the women want to plant in Mason Jars. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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