Look who’s back at blogging? Yupp! That’s right, ME! I’m coming back from maternity leave and getting back to my old blogging ways. Get. Excited.

As we all know, I’m kind of obsessed with design. So it’s easy to say that I tend to get bored with my current decor. I love mixing things up, but constantly buying new decor can get expensive – obviously. Today I wanted to share with you one of my design tricks – styling a piece of furniture in multiple ways.


To cure my design boredom (aka design a-d-d) I started using my existing decor to redecorate. And that’s exactly what I’m doing today! This lucite side table (set of three) is from Wayfair and is super versatile. You can literally use it in so many ways and even split up the set if you want. I prefer to use them together and simply change up the configuration every now and then.


I first start with my chosen decor items and of course my main piece of furniture (this 3-piece lucite nesting table set).  For this particular post, I wanted to keep the color scheme consistent, so I went with a teal and metallic color palette. Since this is a nesting table, my main theme was all about layering, especially since the tables are transparent.

Ok now lets see how I styled my tables!

Style Option 1: The Nesting Look

For my first  look, I wanted to use the tables just as they were meant to be used – in the standard “nesting” format. I spread them out about 4 inches apart to make the overall look feel a little larger. These tables aren’t super tall, so in order to give them more presence, I decided to give them some depth.




Style Option 2: The Side by Side Look

For my second look, I thought I would keep two of the tables nested, but place the middle-sized table off to the side. This made the overall look of the tables even bigger than the first look. So if you’ve got some room to work with, this might be a good option for you. It also gave me more real estate to work with on the top of these tables since I spread them out.




Style Option 3: The Extended Look

For the last look, I took some inspiration from the first look. I also really liked how the second look gave me more room to decorate, so I decided to nest two of the tables really tightly, but extend the smallest table out by about 8 inches or so. This gave me more room to decorate but also still gave me that traditional nesting look.




So which look was your favorite? Do you tend to constantly re-decorate your home like I do? I’d love to see some of your spaces so make sure to leave a link to your home in my comment section below!

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