10 Catios Your Cats Will Thank You For

Living in a loft with three cats can be challenging to say the least. Worth it? Yes, of course! I mean, I am a crazy cat lady, right?  But I will say I’m very much looking forward to moving into our new house this summer. The extra square footage will be nice, but having a backyard will be even better. It will finally give me a chance to give my kitties an outdoor space they will really enjoy.

Bailey loved going outside when I had a house, but I always had to keep a close eye on her or use a harness. With the new house, I plan on eventually adding some sort of catio or cat enclosure, which brings me to today’s post.


Today I thought it would be fun to round up my top 10 catio inspirations in preparation of my new home, new backyard, and hopeful new catio space.

I adopted all three of my cats and wouldn’t change it for the world. They’re all so quirky and special in their own little ways and I look forward to seeing their little furry faces each day when I get home from work.


And if you haven’t already met my sweet kitties, just check out my instagram. They’re plastered all over it!

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Ok, now time for the round up!




















Now that we’re all inspired to create our own catio space, I think it’s time to take a look at some products I’ve been considering from Wayfair. A lot of the above catios are custom made (which is super awesome) but to be quite honest, purchasing something is going to be a lot easier for me right now. Between moving and having a baby, a DIY catio just isn’t in my cards right now. Understandable, right?

Some of the options I’ve been contemplating actually aren’t technically for cats. In fact, I’ve found some dog runs and chicken coops that just might do the trick!

1. Universal Welded Wire Dog Pen/Chicken Coop

2. Cat Run Playpen


3. Universal Walk-In Pen

4. Large Pawhut Chicken Coop with Hinged Roof and Nesting Box

I’ve got a great little side yard that I plan on installing one of these, so now it’s just a matter of choosing my favorite.  My favorites are probably #2 and #4, the Catrun Playpen and the Pawhut Chicken Coop.  In both of these designs, there’s shade for them to enjoy the outdoors, but also room to lounge in the sun if they so desire.

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So what do you think? Would you ever install a catio in your back yard or side yard? If so, which is your favorite?

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20 thoughts on “10 Catios Your Cats Will Thank You For

  1. Those are adorable!! What a great way to give them the option to roam and not have to worry!! Might need to make one for my teenage son! ha/ha

      1. I love the catios my 4 cats would love them. But unfortunately I don’t have much of a back yard to put one in. Your cats are adorable. I also have a dog that would love them. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. I know, aren’t they so fancy?? People are so creative these days!! My catio probably won’t be as extravagant, but at least it will give my kitty cats the fresh air they love so much :):)

  2. i love this! those are some excellent catio digs. we just got back from vacation, and i found out there was a cat cafe there, so of course we had to go. that place was ridiculously impressive. and apparently austrian cats are the same as american cats, in that they ignore you and couldn’t care less. but, i love them still!

  3. There are some really neat cat spaces here! I have to show this to my daughter so she will have some inspiration when she moves into a house someday. I wish I would have those of something like this when my daughter lived with us and we were raising cats.

  4. These are great. I got my husband to build ours for our trio, tomorrow will be quints hehe. I just wish i could workout how to upload pictures to show you.

  5. We have two new kittens Norwegian Forest cats, at 5 minths they are already the size of our old moggies! But I need to build a catio to allow them outside and climb bless! So thanks for these design thoughts, we do not have a large garden but surrounded by trees so they’d be off ha ha!

  6. Building a proper and secure Catio requires a fair amount of work and expertise. Habitat Haven is the home of the original Catio and keeping cats safe and happy is the foundation of our business. Check out our modular enclosures.
    – HabitatHaven.com

  7. I built my catio with an old gazebo frame against my privacy fence, my neighbors scrape chicken wire and scrap wood. Staple gun, nails, and wire ties. The only thing I bought was two corrugated clear plastic pieces for the roof. It is roughly 10 X 8 feet with a separate run and grass square. My cats love it. You can easily build one with scraps. Thank you for sharing as we are going to build another soon at a new house. Safe cats are happy cats.

  8. I am wanting to install a cattery out of a chicken coop, my question is how do I attach to the window for my cat’s to come in and out of the house? I have a slidung upright window

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