Ok, so I have confession. I am slightly obsessed with Sharpies. I’ve always loved them and lately I’ve found myself using them more and more in my recent projects.

As a graphic designer, I am always creating things on the computer, but sometimes I feel like I lose the “artsy” side of things when I’m constantly staring at a computer screen. There is just something very therapeutic about having a pen in your hand and some paper to draw on. Don’t you think?

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I chose to purchase the assorted 12 pack (there is currently a special going on for $6 for the pack), a metallic set for $5 and the black twin tip set for $5. I was kind of shocked at how cheap they all were! Especially that 12 pack for only $6!?!! Whaaa?? I love doodling and creating little pieces of art, and now that I literally have every color in the rainbow, I’m going to be creating a lot more fun things!


There are SO many creative things you can do with a Sharpie. I actually worked on multiple projects before choosing this one for today’s post. By now I’m sure you’ve seen Sharpie mugs, Sharpie decorative plates, Sharpie gift wrapping… you name it! And yes, I could have gone with any of those fabulous ideas, but for some reason I decided to go with my gut and illustrate some classic Christmas stationery.  Like I said, I’ve been spending a lot of time staring at a computer screen, so creating little illustrations on my stationery really made me happy:)











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  2. I have a plastic bin full of sharpies in all different kind of colors but I rarely use them. (Shame on me.) Your handwriting and art is beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.

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