Searching For Our House Soul Mate

Calling all Fort Worthians who live in Ryan Place, Mistletoe Heights, TCU or Berkeley! Are you thinking about moving? If so, this just might be the answer to all your prayers.

To give you my back story, I’m a local gal who’s been searching for my long lost “house soul mate” for the past few months (well, probably years to be quite honest). Yup. You heard that correctly. I have a huge love for old homes and haven’t had the best of luck finding “the one” (regarding a house, that is). With the market being in its off-season right now, my fiancé and I are still in search for that warm and fuzzy feeling we’re just not getting with the homes currently on the market, so if you’ve been considering selling your home, we just might be the perfect fit.

That’s us below – don’t you already want to sell your home to us? (And since you can’t see me right now, I’m giving you my best puppy-eyed face – oh yeah – I’m pulling out all the stops!)


Side note: If you flip through this blog of mine, you will quickly come to find out that I’m a TRUE lover of historic homes, so that house you’ve loved for so many years but simply need to move on from, will be left in GREAT (and loving) hands. Since moving to Fort Worth years ago, I’ve always dreamed of living in one of these old neighborhoods, but never imagined being lucky enough to actually live in one. It seems life has finally led us to this opportunity and I hope (and prey) that one of these historic homes is in our future.

Below are a few  things we’re looking for in a home:

  • About 2,000 – 3,000 + SF
  • Minimum of 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms
  • Ryan Place, Mistletoe Heights, TCU, Berkeley, University West or Fairmount areas (or any of the surrounding historic areas I might have missed)
  • Front porch and/or wrap around front porch would be amazing, but not a must
  • Large enough lot for a pool (or a pool already on the property)
  • 2 stories would be nice, but is not a must
  • Basement would be nice, but is not a must
  • Garage would be nice, but is not a must
  • Craftsman style is always a plus!
  • Not scared of a house that needs some work (would need to be reflected in price)

*NOTE: We are currently working with an agent and actively seeking new homes on the market each day. If you’re wanting to sell your house quick and don’t want to deal with the hassle of listing it (because no, I don’t care if your house it a tad bit messy or outdated – I’m a designer – I can look past it!), we would love to hear what your asking price might be. 

SO if you’re starting to realize that your home is our future “house soul mate,” then I think you need to contact me – don’t you?? To send photos, specs and your list price, please email or contact me using my “contact page” HERE. I will anxiously be waiting for your email!

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