Over the past two weeks I have been working on ideas for our new {old} house. We move in this weekend and we could not be more excited. One of the first challenges I have faced (amongst many) is the wall to wall carpet. It’s brand new and actually has a texture that I really like, but it’s still carpet. Most might question whether or not you should put rugs over carpet, but for me the answer is easy. YES, YES and YES! Of course you should! Rugs are usually what pulls a room together, so how can you go without one?

So now that we know rugs on carpet are allowed, lets take a deeper look into some of my guidelines. These aren’t “official” rules, but they should help lead the way.

If you have a high pile carpet (or carpet with a shag type of texture) I recommend using a more flat woven rug. A tightly woven wool rug works best in this type of situation and helps contrast with the shag texture. A jute rug will also offer the same contrasting effect.

If you have a low pile rug, a textured shag rug will be what you’re looking for. You can also use a low pile rug but you still want to make sure the texture is different than your carpet. Basically you just want a rug that offers the opposite texture as the type of carpet you have in your living space. I would also suggest choosing a color that doesn’t blend in with the carpet too much. If your rug has the same texture and color as your carpet, then whats the point? You want to pick something that will compliment the space and not blend in too much.

Here are a few examples I found of some great layering. Enjoy!

Don’t these rugs accent their spaces so well?? Try to imagine these rooms without the rugs… they just aren’t the same, are they!? The reason why rugs are so important is because they offer another layer of dimension and texture. They truly bring a space together and complete the look of a room. Hope you all enjoyed my post today and I cannot wait to share my new adventures with you all in our new home.

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  1. I’m also moving this weekend from a small 525 sqft apartment with hard wood flooring to a 750 sqft apartment with carpet! A rug on carpet is a no-brainer for me, too!! I’m excited to go rug shopping in the upcoming months.

    – Jen

  2. Hi Amy good for you, realizing rugs on carpets are great, I never understood why people think it’s not ok. They offer such a great texture, showing where a furniture arrangement is disignated and for color.
    My MIl complained about the carpet in her apt. so we bought her a rug to go over it. She had a fit (it was her Christmas gift)about putting a rug over the carpet. We laid it out trying to show her how nice it would look, she still didn’t want it. A few months later she sent the rug back but it reeked of cig. smoke (she was a smoker). That rug stayed outside for long time to get depuwed. I put baking soda on it but it still smelled.
    I couldn’t stand our house if I didn’t have rugs over the awful carpet that’s in the house,it’s that high/low stuff/brown mix. We can’t afford to replace the carpet but I can sure cover up the awful stuff in living room and our bedroom. The other two bedrooms are sewing room and studio so I’m not as fussy about them.
    Need the carpet in rooms to help keep it warm. Especially this winter, it’s cold here. Whomever had this mfg. home built didn’t bother to have better insulation put in floors, roof and walls.
    Loved the pics you showed for examples.

  3. Great pictures Amy, the house certainly wouldn’t look the same without those rugs. They add an extra dimension of warmth, comfort and colour to the home not to mention a kind of visual depth. Good article.

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