We’ve now been living in our house for nearly four months. And in those four months, I’ve been testing and analyzing our appliances so I can give you guys some of my honest feedback. Picking out appliances was a difficult process made much easier by the helpful appliance sales team at Nebraska Furniture Mart and reading reviews.  Considering how much I appreciated having reviews at my fingertips, I am giving a full review of our new 30” Frigidaire Professional Freestanding Gas Range. Ok, let’s break it down!

The Look & The Price

So this might not have anything to do with cooking, but let’s be honest, if you’re anything like me, the LOOK of an appliance is everything. In fact, it was probably the first thing I considered when we first started shopping around. I wanted something that was affordable but looked super high-end. Our 30″ Frigidaire Professional Gas Range is exactly that.

When you hear the term “Professional Line,” you might think, “Oh I won’t be able to afford that.” I thought the same thing. I thought it would be WAY too pricey, but I was pleasantly surprised. Frigidaire’s Professional Line has all the advantages of the designer look, but the price tag is actually affordable.  Knowing Nebraska Furniture Mart always has the lowest price, I was confident I was getting appliances that met my needs; a designer look without the designer price.

Front control professional-style knobs? Check. Smudge-proof stainless steel? Check. Six-burner gas cooktop WITH a griddle? Check. And can we just talk about that door handle? Swoon! Oh, and the storage drawer isn’t too shabby either.

The Cooktop & The Griddle

Aside from the range looking high-end, we were also dead-set on having a griddle in the kitchen. And oh yeah, on top of a griddle, we were pretty set on having six burners as well. Too much to ask? Nah.

This 30” range actually has SIX burners. Yes, six. Four standard burners, and two in the center.

The center set of burners are actually the 2-and-1 Griddle Burner. This range comes with the griddle plate as well, which you simply place on top of the 2-and-1 Griddle Burner when you want to use the griddle feature. When you’re not using the griddle, you can remove the plate and use the center oval burner instead.

For those of you unfamiliar with griddles, here are a few tips on cleaning and seasoning the griddle before use:

How to Season:

Now that your new Frigidaire range has been delivered and installed, simply remove the griddle plate from its packaging and clean it once with soap and water. Then after that, you’ll want to season it. Pour about 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil in the center and spread the oil evenly with a paper towel. Turn the griddle on until it begins to smoke, then once it starts smoking, turn off the griddle. Once the griddle has cooled off completely, remove any excess oil and do this process again if so desired. Cooking on the griddle will also continue to season it.

How to Clean:

To clean the griddle, wipe off excess grease and/or oil (while it’s still warm) and use a metal spatula to gently scrape off any extra food particles. Other than that, you’re good to go! You don’t ever want to wash the griddle to the point where the seasoning process is removed, and you especially don’t want to put it in the dishwasher. If you noticed you’ve cleaned it too much, simply re-season it.

The Oven

The first thing I noticed about the oven was a feature that’s super simple, yet extremely helpful. Something I use every day. It’s the PowerGlide Rack, which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an adjustable rack inside the oven that literally has rollers on it. It makes it so easy to pull your dish in and out of the oven. I promise you, it’s heavenly! It’s still one of my favorite features of this oven, especially since I use it every time I cook.

Another huge plus is the convection oven. With a duel-fan technology, it cooks your food 40-45% faster under a consistent heat. You can cook multiple dishes on different racks and it will cook them all evenly! (Looks like I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving this year.) Oh, and if you’re worried about the faster cook time not matching up with your latest must-try Pinterest recipe, fear not. Frigidaire is one step ahead of you because there’s a convection convert feature, which converts your recipe time to the new “convection” cook time.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, this oven comes with a temperature probe, which is great for… hum… roasting a turkey! You can place the probe into your meat and the temperature will actually display on the external clock of the oven. So you don’t even need to keep pulling your turkey in and out of the oven to check the temperature. Simply refer to the oven’s external display.

And last but not least, there’s a pretty cool feature on this oven called the PowerPlus Preheat. It’s designed for a single-rack item (one dish only) and will pre-heat your oven in just a few minutes. So if you’re in a rush when you’re cooking dinner on a busy week night, (who isn’t?) then this pre-heat feature will give those hungry kiddos (and hungry husband!) a full belly quicker than normal.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post as a part of Nebraska Furniture Mart and Frigidaire’s brand ambassador’s program. All opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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