In my household, it’s rare for me to NOT have a candle burning. I love not only the yummy smells they give off, but also the serene and homey ambiance as well. There is just something about a candle burning that makes a house feel like a home. Unfortunately that means I am ALWAYS buying candles and burning them until they are completely dry. It’s an expensive habit, yes, but thankfully I’ve found a way to at least re-use their glass containers!

Some of my favorite candles are from Bath and Body Works, and recently they started carrying some sea glass candles. They come in all sorts of beachy colors and I just haven’t been able to resist! I especially love how beautiful they look as containers as well. Another favorite of mine is the Aspen Bay candles. They are super pricey, but their containers are SO beautiful. Their scent is also pretty amazing and they tend to last a long time. In this post I’m showing both of these candles as examples in removing their wax. They offer two totally separate looks but are both really practical and pretty all at the same time;)



  1. Once your candle is all dried up, place it in your freezer for a few hours or overnight. I placed mine in overnight and I found that to be easier.
  2. With a butter knife, gently stab the remaining wax, breaking it up into chunks. Since the wax is frozen, the wax will easily break apart and separate from the glass as well. Once your chunks are separated from your glass container, simply pour them into the trash (or a plastic bag if you want to save them to re-melt and use for a candle warmer).
  3. If the wick is still attached, take some pliers to pull it apart from the bottom of the glass container.
  4. With the wax removed, wash out the container with soap and water. I also used a bit of goo-gone for the adhesive that was left over from the wick.
  5. After your container is all cleaned up, it’s ready for use!







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  1. I love reusing candle jars! They’re so pretty, especially the bath & body works candles. They are so much bigger. Thanks for sharing!

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