This week I decided to get fancy and update my Pin It hover button to a fun little bee image! As a graphic designer, I have a bad habit of changing my blog design a LOT… I’m sure you’ve noticed multiple changes over the past few months! I finally got around to updating my Pin It Hover button and I’m so happy I did!

Unfortunately since the image is much larger, it would cover up every thumbnail image on my {Work it Wednesday} linky party. GRR. My sweet bloggy friend, Carissa from CarissaMiss, brought this to my attention and I’m SO glad she did. After wayyyy too much time spent troubleshooting and searching the internet for an answer, I FINALLY found a solution!! YAY!

First and foremost, I need to give MUCHO props to the website Blogger Sentral. They have a ton of great tutorials on issues like this one. They also have a super easy tutorial [here] on how to add your own Pin It Hover Button. But moving on to the bigger issue… I wanted to remove the pin it hover from ONLY my linky party. I didn’t want to completely remove it from my entire blog, JUST my linky party. Here is the easiest tutorial you will ever see:

Insert this code before and after your linky list code:
<div class=”nopin”>

And that’s it! For all you visual learners out there… Here is the visual tutorial:


You can also add this div tag before and after images you do not want the hover button on. You can find more info on this subject matter here and here.

Ok! Now after all of this trouble, make sure to LINK UP to my new {Work it Wednesday} linky party!! That can be your “thank you” for all the hours I just saved you;)  … but really.

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  1. Great tip! It’s always frustrating when I want to click on a link but the Pinterest button is the only thing that is “clickable”. I don’t host a link party, but I pinned this so hopefully others who do will see your tip!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    It’s Always Ruetten

    • The Blissful Bee

      Thanks Julia! I never noticed it much before, but when I changed my hover button to a larger size, it made it much harder to click through!! Thanks for spreading the word:) Hopefully this will help other bloggers out there with the same issue:)

  2. Just a bit of HTML advice… if you open a tag, you need to close that tag. So, at the end of the element (or the section) that you’re trying to affect, make sure you add </div> to close things up or you could mess up other elements on your page…

  3. I’m so glad you found a solution! I bet this would work for any image you don’t want pinnable on your site too.

  4. Amy, thanks so much for the trick!! I’ve been totally stumped as to how to fix my “pin it” problem on party days. I’m going to try this today!! 🙂

  5. Hi, Amy. I know this is an old post, but it is very helpful for me today! I am trying to insert that code before and after my linky code, but my blogger account does not like it. It says it is not closed. Can you help?

  6. Hello Do you know how I remove the pin it button from my header and side bar? Widgetsseem to be coded a bit different and I keep getting an error code

  7. Sorry, it erased my tags, probably as a comment section precaution. Here is my original text:

    Actually, you should insert:

    div class=”nopin”
    (surrounded by )

    before the code, but the second instance should be simply:

    (surrounded by )

    By putting two of the same tags, you are actually creating two new elements that are not closed. Browsers are smart now and can probably tell what you mean, but all tags should be closed to avoid any possible errors.

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