Many years ago (before this little blog of mine was even a thought) my dad and I built a fireplace for the first rental that Graham and I lived in when we got married. We used it in our first rental and our first house, but not in our last rental. (There just simply wasn’t a spot for it.)  Thankfully with the new house we have a lot more space and found the perfect home for it. YAY.

Our back porch is large, but it didn’t have much going for it other than that. It’s rather simple and didn’t have any focal point. Once I placed our fireplace on one of the empty walls, it almost seemed like it was made for the space. I started decorating and fell even more in love. We will soon paint our exterior brick a creamy white, so it will look EVEN MORE gorgeous once we get that project completed.







Wreath: Wayfair  |  Metal W: Antique Store  | String Lights: Target (found in the Christmas isle)
Other Accessories: HomeGoods, Marshall’s or TJ Maxx
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  1. How fun to be able to use your fireplace. Good thing you didn’t have to leave it at rental. Love another place to decorate. Your exterior mantel looks great the way you’ve styled it. I enjoy seeing how other people decorate surfaces. It’s given me so much inspiration and yours is included. I might not use the whole idea but make it my own version. One of many things I enjoy about reading blog posts and seeing how bloggers do things is seeing how they use their imaginations and maybe objects I wouldn’t have thought of using at all let alone the way they have used them. Hooray for bloggers.
    Happy week and Halloween

    • The Blissful Bee

      So glad I’m able to get some ideas going! And yes, it’s always nice to have some inspiration, but then make it your own:) Happy Fall!

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