Over the last few months my fiancé and I have been on a desperate search for a home. The search began last fall and officially came to an end today. Thank. Goodness.

I really can’t figure out why it took so long to find that perfect house. I mean, all I wanted was a home that was at least 80 years old, a massive covered front and back porch, a two story layout, craftsman or prairie style, around 3,000 square feet, a “Father-of-the-Bride-like” street in a historic neighborhood, and a TON of character. That’s not super impossible to find, right?

HA. Well if you’re laughing at me right now, you’re not the only one. My laundry list of out-of-the-ordinary requirements were humorous to friends and family as well. The thing is though, in Fort Worth there actually are MANY homes like this, the only problem is they don’t often go on the market. More on that interesting story here.



Fast forward to today. After a few months of negotiations, I can finally say I am the proud owner of a 1922 prairie-style brick home in a neighborhood I’ve loved and adored for many years. A neighborhood I never dreamed I would get to live in one day. We won’t be moving in until July, but I know the wait will be well worth it.


Over the next few months I will be sharing a handful of my design ideas for the house. We will be renovating and updating a lot of the home, so there will be a TON of new projects coming your way over the next year or so.

An engagement, a baby, a house, a renovation. Hum… nothing like a few major life changes all crammed into a few months, right?? For more of my life updates, make sure to check out my latest posts here and here or follow me on instagram.

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  1. It looks SO beautiful. I know you will make it an amazing home and I can’t wait to see what you do!

  2. how wonderful for you! congatulations (again) looking forward to seeing more of it. Be gentle to yourself the next couple months, BIG BIG BIG new normals are coming oh so soon.

  3. What a gorgeous home! Can’t wait to see what you do to the inside! 🙂 Isn’t that how life always goes? Every major change happening all at once?! Embrace the craziness and enjoy your sweet baby kicks! 🙂

    • The Blissful Bee

      Thanks Laura! Life sure does come in big waves, huh?? And yes – I’m enjoying the kicking – he’s kicking ALL the time!

  4. Your new “old home” is stunning! After renovating our home built in 1859, although it was a lot to take on, it was worth it! Looking forward to following your renovation! 😉

  5. Isn’t that a four square? Love it. Looks like it has a walk-up attic. Love the big porch and carport. One of my favorite styles!

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