Well well well. Look who’s back. Finally. It’s been 10 months since we bought our 1920’s prairie-style craftsman. Had I known we would still be renovating 10 months later, I’m not sure I would have moved forward, but oblivion is bliss, right? And I have to admit, thank goodness we did move forward, because this house is a dream. It’s still not done, but we’re reaching the finish line… I think.

In the last year or so, I married the love of my life, found out we were pregnant with our perfect baby boy, and now we’re enjoying each and every day with our now almost 7-month-old. We bought a house, started renovating, and learned a hell of a lot. Our project was much larger than anticipated, hence us STILL not being finished. We changed the entire floorpan, knocked down more walls than I’d like to remember, and flipped this house completely upside down.

And guess what. Last November, we also found out we’re expecting baby number two. SURPRISE! That might have been our reaction too… but we’re so elated and can’t wait for Hudson to have a little baby brother or sister to run around with. After all, we DID convert the house to a 4 bedroom, so we need to fill those rooms up… right?


Anyways, It’s been a long, hard road — a new baby (plus another one coming), we both have full time (demanding) jobs (for those of you who don’t know, this blog actually isn’t my full-time job), and we tackled are still tackling a massive renovation with new decisions needing to be made each day. So. If you’re wondering where I’ve been over the last few months, there’s your answer. Non stop. Going. And going. And going. As you can tell, I set everything blog-related aside to focus on our home, my job, and most of all my sweet baby boy and amazing husband. Thankfully the reno is coming to a close and I’m itching to start sharing each and every bit of it with you guys. There’s a lot, so get ready.

Today I’m focusing on some of our before photos. These will be able to give you a good idea of where we started.


Living Room:





Dining Room:







Extra Room:





Master Bedroom:



Future Master Bath:


Hudson’s Future Room:



Guest Room:


You can also see my virtual tour of the space below or read more about my 1st floor tour here to get an idea of my overall vision.

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  1. wowie zowie! That is a TON of projects, 1st comes marriage then baby carriage… for 2! All while doing huge house Reno. The rooms in that house look so large. Congratulations on BOTH new additions

  2. Linda Grubbs Reply

    I so happy to see you posting again!! Oh my goodness…congratulations on your new and even newer baby to come. That is very fun…they will ALWAYS have someone to play with…they will be good buddies growing up!!
    Your house. I am loving it. Can’t wait to follow the progress.
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Wow, Amy! I can imagine how busy you’ve been. It looks like such a beautiful home to start with -so much character! I can’t wait to see how you make it even more beautiful. And congratulations, friend!! So exciting about baby #2!

  4. Hi Amy! I came across your blog with the letter writing for not for sale properties. Thanks, can’t wait to look into it. When I saw your house, I immediately wondered if it was a Frank Lloyd Wright house. Gorgeous! We would love to build one of his prairie homes, very similar to a craftsman. Happy renovating (we’ve been at ours for 14 years or so)!

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