Yesterday the hubby and I got home from our beach vacation with our best friends and had SUCH an amazing time. We went to Orange Beach, Alabama and we’re already house shopping for a new beach house. Ha ok, well not really, but we did dream a little bit!


The trip started off with a 12 hour drive from Texas to Alabama, but it really didn’t seem that bad. The last 3 hours got a little difficult, but the moment we arrived at the beach, it was all worth it!


We also stopped in Louisiana at the Duck Commander shop for a quick picture!


And then about 8 hours later… we arrived to this.


Our condo was smack dab on the beach and we had this amazing view every day. I mean seriously, I could get used to that view!


Most of the days were spent on the beach lathered up in sun screen with a mimosa or marg for the gals and a beer for the guys. And let’s be honest… sometimes a beer for the gals as well;) I’m not one to sit still, so just about every day I went on a sea shell expedition. I found a ton of good shells and can’t wait to make something out of them! The last day we were there, we discovered much more than just shells on the beach. Dozens and dozens of starfish had washed up to shore. I had never seen anything like it! I wanted to keep one as a momentum, but didn’t want to kill any of the little guys, so we left them all there:)


The nights were spent going out to dinner at whatever place we could find with good food and a cool ambiance. My favorite place was called The Gulf, but we also went to some of the typical tourist traps like LuLu’s (Jimmy Buffet’s sister’s restaurant) and another place called Cottons which was also pretty dang good. And don’t worry, we of course went to Florbama as well – couldn’t pass that one up!



And since I’m 5 years old at heart (and can’t sit still) I might have made this awesome sand sea turtle. About a minute after this picture was taken, the water washed up and erased my turtle.  It’s ok though – at least I got a picture, right?!!




I’m proud to say after 4 days on the beach, I didn’t get sunburned! (Thank you SPF 70) I can’t say the same for the hubby though… He might be peeling for the next year haha


All in all, we had an absolute blast! I’ve always said I was meant to live on the beach, and this trip confirmed that even more. We’re already talking about our next trip… and of course purchasing our beach cottage after we win the lottery;)  Hey, it could happen, right??

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  1. I have a beach house in Orange Beach and it is a little piece of paradise! I am so glad you had a great time here! The Gulf is one of my top spots too, though I tend to avoid Lulu’s and Cotton’s there are some really great restaurants off the beaten tourist path! I hope you come back soon, but shhhh….we are trying to keep our little paradise a secret from the maddening crowds!

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