A few weeks ago Mari, from {Arcadian Home}, approached me about writing a guest post here at The Blissful Bee! I was thrilled when I read her email and couldn’t wait to see what she would write about. Today I am so honored and excited to have her as my guest – she has truly provided some great material and inspirations. Enjoy!

Hi all! It’s Mari here, visiting from Arcadian Home blog, a great place to find beautiful home decor inspirations. A favorite part of my job is being able to visit lovely blogs like {The Blissful Bee} to share some of the great interior design and decorating ideas I have discovered during my online travels.

Today’s guest post is about lovely open living spaces. I’ve pulled together eight of my favorites. I hope these beautiful rooms will inspire your decorating dreams. Please enjoy!

Open Living Space

This chic eclectic design brilliantly combines beauty and functionality in one small open space. From Mid-Century Tulip chairs to Moroccan-inspired floor lanterns, there’s so much to love about this room.

Open Living Space

This open living space with soaring ceiling offers a wonderful mix of concrete, rustic timber and glam lighting. I love the gorgeously ornate chandeliers and colorful wall art.

Open Living Space

A very clever design idea, this tiny loft adds room for a much needed home office without sacrificing the open airy look of the space.

Open Living Space

Pops of brilliant color bring this multi-functional living space to life. I also love the playful puzzle-patterned rug.

Open Living Space

Open living spaces are not reserved for contemporary homes alone. Here’s a lovely example of purely traditional style in a wide open space—with a breathtaking view.

Open Living Space

This living space is delineated by 3/4 walls that make the individual “rooms” feel more cozy while maintaining that much sought after open airy look.

Open Living Space

This lovely open living space is simply beautiful, with clean contemporary lines, pure white Panton chairs, and sleek pendant lights. As seen here, open living spaces allow for color-coordinated table decorations and kitchen accessories.

Open Living Space

And so we leave you with a glimpse of the ultimate lovely open living space–on Bali. Relaxing amid those surroundings, one might never want to leave such a dreamy place. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these lovely open living spaces? Leave us comments below and visit Arcadian Home for more home accessories and decor, as well as lighting inspirations!


So what did y’all think?? SO many great inspirations for open spaces! Living in a 1970’s ranch style home, it’s hard for me to post about large open living spaces. That’s why I am so thankful when I can have people like Mari stop by to share their ideas. Thanks for the inspirations!!

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  1. I love open plans! We built one once, but we didn’t get to stay in that house long… As you say, Amy, sometimes you’ve got to work within the style of the house you’re in (unless you’re doing a major renovation job). We’re in a ’50s cottage and itching to knock some walls down!!

    Love the tulip chairs in the first pic!
    A x

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