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Today I’m posting about another project from our laundry room makeover. We have a small window and needed a window treatment. I really didn’t want to buy another valance, but I did remember I had some left over window panels from our previous house that we have not yet used in this home. I pulled them out to see if they were workable, and luckily they were! They were black floor length panels that I had bought from Target a while ago for about $10 per panel. For this particular project I only needed one panel. (I ended up using the other panel for a different project. There will be a post coming soon!)  I’m sometimes lazy when it comes to sewing, so I really didn’t want to drag out my sewing machine for this project. Thankfully I figured out a way to make a no sew window valance with just a few easy steps. Here is my tutorial as best as I can explain it. Sorry for the black fabric – kind of hard to give a clear step by step with a dark fabric!

And here is the finished product!
So what do you think? Not too bad for a no sew project! It took me about an hour from start to finish and maybe not even that long. Luckily I already had the curtain panel, but Target carries panels similar to the one I used and they are still rather cheap. I also already had the curtain rod, but you can pick up those from Ross for around $5.
Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Besides my terrible allergies, I had a great weekend;) My best friend and her soon-to-be hubby visited from San Antonio. Amongst many fun things we did, we made it over to the Ft. Worth Flea Market and I found a great find – the 2 main wheels for our factory cart table!! You might have seen me mention it over in my post about our Project List.  I was so excited when we found a pair of these for only $50! I had been eying a few on eBay for around $70-100 for a pair, so I was very happy when I spotted them on Saturday for nearly half that. They are 12 inches in diameter and just the right size. I almost bought a 9in. pair from eBay, and now that I see these 12 inchers in person, I know the 9inch would have been too small. Here is a pic:
The hubs and I also just got back from Lowes and gathered up a few more supplies. Can’t wait to start putting it together! Anyways, hope everyone had a fun weekend:) Peace out!

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