Lately I’ve found myself completely obsessed with taking pictures and for some reason I just can’t stop! I take so many that I literally can’t post them all to Instagram because I would totally junk up your feed. SO instead, I’ve decided to do the occasional roundup of my life through the lens. There is just something so beautiful about capturing a special moment and I don’t want to let those moments fly by.


Last week I picked up some amazing navy blue ikat fabric from Hobby Lobby for just $10 per yard! It was originally $14/yd but they were having a 30% off sale that day. The minute I brought it home, guess who just HAD to put her stamp on it. I swear, she’s like a magnet to new things. I don’t understand. Same thing happened this week too! Bought some new clothes. Set them on the couch. And BOOM. Bailey magnet.


And since I’m a super impatient girl and couldn’t wait to use my beautiful new ikat fabric… about an hour later I had me some new euro pillows. I will be posting about these soon, so get excited!




So every girl needs a best friend, right? No no no, I’m not talking about Bailey (well maybe just a little bit) I’m actually talking about my girl, Kali. Graham and I got to spend the weekend with our besties during a fun wine tasting weekend and it was just what we needed to kick off this beautiful weather we’ve been getting. Fun was had and wine was drank… or is it drunk? Wine was drunk? Who knows. I’m an art major – not an English major. Anyways! Since we weren’t able to do our normal yearly Fredericksburg trip together, this was the perfect fix!




So that’s my life in photos lately. Nothing too wild or crazy, but that’s just how I like it. I’m also super excited to photograph my first outfit post this weekend with my new photographer! I started choosing outfit options last night and really like this one in particular. Can’t wait to share it with you guys soon!


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  1. New things are definitely kitty magnets! I bought a cute weekend bag last week – set it down as I unpacked groceries and within seconds, our cat Louie was INSIDE the new bag! I should have taken a picture. haha I love your cut-out dress!!

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