If you’ve been reading over the past few months, you might remember that I have been “hired” as the interior designer for my parent’s new home renovation. They moved last Spring from Houston and we have been slowly but surely working to make over their entire first floor. I finished their kitchen makeover a few months ago [seen here] and then moved on to re-designing the living room.

This has been such a special project for me because I have been able to see what I can really do as a designer. I’ve also been able to work with a real budget, so that’s been nice as well. Here are the before and afters (*Note: the “befores” are from the previous owner):

The Blissful Bee

And here is another before and after of the other side of the living room:

The Blissful Bee

We decided on the wall color and floor color first and went from there. The choice to paint all the moldings white was made before they even purchased the house. I did a walk through with them before they made an offer and painting out the trim was the first obvious decision. I then moved on to the fireplace treatment. The herringbone marble was also an obvious choice for me. You can read more about that [here].

Here are a few of the materials we picked out before we started construction:

The Blissful Bee

And here is the start of the hand scraped floor:

The Blissful Bee

Once the floors were complete, the main construction began! The white trim came first. We also knocked out the cabinetry to the left of the fireplace and made it mirror the open shelving on the right and added bead board behind the shelves.

The Blissful Bee

The wall color came next. I chose Winter in Paris by Valspar. This paint color is the most beautiful paint color I have ever seen. I’m really not trying to be dramatic about it, I swear… but it is SO beautiful in person. One day when Graham and I buy our next house, this paint color will be up on my walls for sure.

The Blissful Bee

Ok moving on to the furniture! The first big purchase was the couch set. We were able to custom build our own couches at Basset Furniture. Surprisingly the cost wasn’t expensive like you would think. They have an entire “build your own couch” section in the store. Remember Build-A-Bear from when we were kids? Yeah, it’s kind of like that. Except a LOT more expensive. Anyways! Long story short, the couch purchase was uber fun (thank you bff Alyssa for bringing the word “uber” into my vocabulary) and my parents were very happy with them when they arrived in person. Looks like a win win for all of us!

The Blissful Bee

The next big purchase was the recliner set. Those were custom built at La-Z-Boy. These… were… SUPER… expensive. BUT my parents LOVE their recliners and were their only request for the project. Needless to say, I couldn’t let them down, so I had to go with it. I was actually very happy we were able to find a recliner design that didn’t actually look like a recliner. I’m not the biggest recliner fan… but I was VERY happy with this design. I mean just look at them. They are GORGEOUS! That dark leather… those curves! Ok… getting a bit distracted again. Moving on!

The Blissful Bee


The Blissful Bee

The next thing on our list is the coffee table since the scale of this one doesn’t work. It’s obviously much too small for the space, but our plan is to eventually buy another table soon. Here are the two tables we are deciding between:

The Blissful Bee


Hastings Reclaimed Coffee Table  |  Pottery Barn

The Blissful Bee

Griffin Coffee Table  |  Pottery Barn

That purchase will happen later down the road, so for now we will just be enjoying their new living room as is! They have really been happy with the transformation thus far. It was a big one to say the least!

The Blissful Bee

The Blissful Bee

The Blissful Bee

So what do you think? Kind of a big difference huh? Here is the before and after once more:

The Blissful Bee


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  1. Every single detail is amazing! The wall color is so serene and the entire room is inviting and the perfect mix of textures. Well done!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  2. The room looks so much bigger and brighter! You did a great job.

  3. What a beautiful before and after! And that paint is killing me – I may have to go buy some today to use…somewhere! I love it!

  4. Those recliners are awesome! Like you said, you can’t even tell that they’re recliners. Love the paint color too.

  5. that looks fabulous. I love how the built in is now shelves. and that coffee table which you say doesn’t work is my favorite part. I love the round look in there..

  6. What a great before and after you did. I love the paint color and the fireplace tile surround. Your coffee table choices are fun too.

  7. So nice! I love how bright it made the room. We are in the process of changing some things around here too and picking out a paint color is so hard sometimes!

  8. Wow, what a difference, it’s so much lighter and brighter! You did a great job. I bet your parents are loving having a designer in the family 🙂

  9. It looks amazing! Who knew recliners could be so attractive. Where did you get the metal and wood wall art set? I love that. Your parents are lucky to have you to make their home so beautiful!

  10. What a transformation to your parent’s living room. It looks so elegant and fresh – what a difference a can of white paint can make. Love the fireplace tiles much better too. Beautiful makeover Amy!

  11. This is perfection! You did a fabulous job! My parents want me to help them redo their living room and this is the exact color scheme I had in mind. I love that paint color! Does it read more blue or gray in person?

  12. This room is beautiful and I am off to get that paint sample. Where did you buy the rug…..or does it have a name brand?

  13. What a transformation! The fireplace is just stunning. I love how much you brightened up everything. I will be doing a similar makeover for my parents’ basement…time for a change!

  14. I am wondering how you refinished the mantel? Did you sand it and then paint it? We have one very similar that I would LOVE to transform to white, but with all the detail, I am not sure the whole thing could be sanded – but painted… Yes!

    • The Blissful Bee

      We hired contractors for the job since the renovation was so large, but if you are doing it yourself, you can do a light sanding and then a few coats of paint! Just make sure to get the shine removed before you begin painting:)

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  17. It’s a beautiful transformation. I’m curious how you got the electrical outlet above the fireplace without destroying the wall……we have a very similar fireplace & I’d love to hang our television there.

  18. Love it!!!! I’m in the middle of doing a custom build with Basset. What is the name of the fabric you chose for the couches?

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  20. Beautiful transformation. When hubby’s recliner wears out we will probably shop Lazy Boy. I love the look of those.

  21. Beautiful! You’ve opened up this room and let light and love in! I am curious as to where you obtained the 4- piece wall plaques that hang behind the recliners? Love those!

  22. Gorgeous room. I’m sure your parents will spend a lot of time just enjoying it.

    I don’t see “Winter in Paris” color at SW, only Valspar, at least online.

    • The Blissful Bee

      You are SO right! I had SW listed, but the color is linked to Valspar haha. Yes, the color is Valspar. Sorry about that and thank you SO much for pointing that out!!

  23. Amy, Just found your blog via Savvy Southern Style’s Wow Us Wednesday!!!!! What a beautiful space you have created for your parents. I am adding the Valspar’s Winter in Paris to my paint wish list. Seeing the back of the built-ins painted white has made me take a look at mine and I think it may be time to paint them white rather than the same as the wall color. I plan to check back often to see more of your projects.

  24. Amazing transformation! Love it! I, like one other poster, am wondering where you got that rug from – it’s really nice.

  25. I love the room, and I’m hoping to recreate it. Can you tell me where you got the decorative pillows?

  26. I love this room. You helped convince me to paint this color in our master bedroom. My husband and I just bought our first home and we get the keys tomorrow. Can’t wait to use more of your decorating advice as we decorate our new home. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

  27. Just found you via your post on photography at Remodelaholic. Your work is beautiful! I hope so someday be as great of a blogger as you are. I love everything about this room. I think my most favorite thing would have to be how clean and bright the room looks after the redo. It’s truly stunning. I’m not a decorator at all, but I’m trying to learn to be. This room has totally inspired me. I love how just adding a few pops of color makes such a huge difference. Thank you so much for inspiring me!

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  29. Beautiful transformation, the room looks elegant and cozy. Would love to know if your parents are happy with the television over the fireplace. I have the same layout and wondered if the viewing was ackward for anyone seated off to the side.

    • The Blissful Bee

      Thanks Karen! They actually love the TV over the fireplace. It’s visible from both their kitchen and living room, which they love:)

  30. Love this room, found it via Pinterest for the paint color… and would love to know where you found the wood and metal art? thanks!

  31. I like many am in love with this paint color…I have been indecisive about painting my new (now 5 year old home). But this color just makes me happy.
    Question regarding the curtains…what color are they (cream or white) & do you recall where you purchased them?

  32. I love the living room remodel. So beautiful! I was wondering where the lamp/table combo, which is next to the couch, is from? I have been looking for something just like it and have yet to find one. Thanks so much!!

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  34. Isabella Reiss Reply

    Could you please tell me the style name of the Lazy Boy recliners.

  35. Such a gorgeous room!! Well done! Can I ask where you got the 4 wall art pictures behind the recliners from?

  36. William Sullivan Reply

    Wow…. hard to believe how out of sync I am! Maybe it’s my age or something. I see a beautiful “before” transformed into a sterile laboratory with no “homeyness”!! Then to read the comments makes me feel even for like the old square peg in a round hole! Do all of you people really prefer a colorless tasteless room to live in or maybe none of you even set foot in your living rooms? Give me the warm textures and tasteful accents and decor with chairs just inviting you so sink into! Forgive me for speaking out. I’m sure Amy does commendable work for her clients and as long as they’re satisfied with her work, more power to her. BTW, as a home designer myself, I’m not completely off base here… just in a different ballpark. Thanks for your time!

  37. Although the new transformation looks great, the “before” does look cozy and warm. Some of the furniture is a little too chunky in the “before” picture—but I do like the warm & cozy look as well. Depends on your taste and if you’re ready for a change.

  38. I LOVE the leather chair grouping…the table between, the wall hanging behind, SO nice!

  39. I think the “after” is nice, but I actually like the “before” more. Looks more warm and inviting to me, not cold and unfriendly like the “after.” Have to be honest. Sorry. I usually love room transformations. I guess I just have something against stark white walls and trim. I like color, and white is just so cold and blah.

  40. Looks absolutely amazing! I never comment on anything, but I had to comment on this…you did such a great job!

  41. Hi Amy, I just came across your blog and your parents living room remodel. I absolutely love the results.

    Would you share the dimensions of the room, sofas, and recliners?

    I would like to do something similar in my own living room and having trouble with space planning.

  42. Sharon Shirley Reply

    Do you by chance recall the style name of the leather recliners & the name of the specific leather chosen to upholster them in?

  43. Diana Tisdale Reply

    Hi Amy,

    I love what you did for your parents!

    I have been looking for new chairs that recline – and love the look of the recliners you used. Can you please tell me what the name of them are ? You mentioned they were from La-Z-boy and custom.
    Please send me the details.

    Thanks so much !!!

  44. Dena Crownover Reply

    I also would love to know the room dimensions for your parents’ living room. Beautiful job!

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