You might all remember my parents kitchen makeover that I posted about a few months ago, seen here. I considered it my first large interior design project since the project included a renovation, not just paint colors and decor. I was finally able to source out materials and make BIG changes to the space. It. Was. Awesome.

During the kitchen reno, we also worked on the renovation of the entire 1st floor. Along with the kitchen, we re-designed the living room, dining room, piano room and entryway. Over the next 2 weeks I will be posting about their new living room, but today I want to focus on their fireplace makeover.

Here is the before and after (Note: the before is from the previous owner).


Most of the 1st floor had unpainted trim, so the 1st step was to paint out all the trim white. And of course, the fireplace was no exception. The moulding on the fireplace was gorgeous, so I didn’t want to alter any of the wood work.


The biggest change you will notice is that stunning tile work. I chose a 1×3 inch marble tile with a herringbone pattern. It had a mesh backing and is typically seen in back splashes. Using this material on a fireplace is not standard, but I wanted something different. The contractors were a bit hesitant since they had never done this on a fireplace (and they even tried to talk my mom out of it), but they were very impressed once they started laying the tile. The installation was harder than anticipated, but it was SO worth it in the end!



As you can see, we brought the tile work all the way down to the hearth. We were originally going to use 12×12 marble slabs rather than the herringbone tiles, but my mom loved the look so much that she asked if we could use it throughout. I loved the idea because I LOVE the herringbone, so of course I was on board.


So what do you all think?? I am completely in love with the look and SO happy with how it all turned out. My parents really love it too which is what matters most. I hope to see you all back again this week with more updates from my parents makeover!!

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  1. Oh my gosh! That herringbone tile is AMAZING! Seriously a fantastic makeover!

    Have a great week!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  2. Beautiful! You did an amazing job!! I love the tile specially with the white! Just stunning!

  3. Looks amazing. Would love to hear how the trim was painted. the steps you took to get them painted. Thanks.

    • The Blissful Bee

      Thanks Toni! We actually had this job hired out since we were doing such a large renovation. The paint they used is the same white as all of the trim and cabinetry in the house and they used oil paint throughout.

      If you were doing this on your own, you would need to either sand or strip the original wood stain to make sure the gloss finish is removed. Then once you’ve selected your paint color and removed any sanding debris, I would begin brushing on the paint. Depending on the color you choose, you will most likely need to paint about 2-3 coats. I haven’t used oil paint myself, so I might just go with a water based paint since it dries quicker and doesn’t smell as strong. Oil paint will last longer and I hear it’s a really good product to use, so that decision is up to you!

      Hope this helps!

  4. The tile totally makes the fireplace… glad you stuck to your guns! It looks awesome. Where did you find that tile?

    • The Blissful Bee

      Thanks Colette! I’m glad we stuck with the decision as well! We found the mesh tile at a local tile store, but I believe they carry similar products in most tiles stores. If not, you can show them a picture of what you want and they should be able to special order it for you.

  5. Terri Hughes Reply

    Beautiful……very nice job. Love the white and the herringbone pattern!

  6. I’m working on 4 masonry fireplaces right now and all are going to be harringbone pattern. Looks awesome. You should be proud.

  7. Did you tile right over the old tile? Or did you remove the old tile first?

  8. Does this tile have to be rated for a fireplace? What made the installation so difficult? This may be just what I’m looking for for my over-the-top ugly fireplace.

  9. Beautiful – this is exactly what I want to do on my fireplace. Do you have the information on the tile – website? what kind and color? Many thanks.

  10. Where can I find this tile? Beautiful!! Would live to put this around my fireplace.

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  12. This is absolutely beautiful. I can’t read the color names from my computer screen because they are so small. Would you please consider telling me what color you used for the walls and the name of the manufacturer and color of the herringbone marble tile? I am having wallpaper removed now and need to select paint colors very soon. I believe I’d enjoy a gray or grayish beige with stark white trim. Can’t wait to see what color you selected so I can get a sample container. All my attempts have failed so far because lighting in the hallway is much darker than going up the stairs (where the sun shines in). Looks so different at different at various times of day that I am considering painting the hall a shade lighter than the wall going up the stairs. What do you think? Thank you in advance for your time, effort, and expertise. You are doing a wonderful job and I know that you parents must be not only satisfied, but very proud of your accomplishments.

  13. Naomi Nardelli Reply

    I installed this exact tile in my kitchen as a backsplash and it inspired me to do the same around my fireplace (which is visible from the kitchen). Finding your post really lets me know this is a great idea – it looks marvelous!
    I have the exact same set up in my house, right down to the wood trim around the hearth. I must ask… did the installers remove the old hearth and tile or did they simply add the herringbone tile on top? Trying to decide what might work best since I’m DIYing it.
    Thank you for sharing! It looks gorgeous!

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