A few weeks ago a representative from One Kings Lane contacted me looking to collaborate in a fun little post! They recently launched their new Home Decor Resource Guide and wanted me to talk about my favorite statement chair. This actually came at a perfect time, because lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my own personal style (more on that in a few weeks).


I don’t really know where the thought came from (my mind tends to aimlessly wonder from time to time… ahem… all the time), but I began to think about how my style is evolving. I then thought to myself, Amy, if I HAD to choose which piece of furniture I would base an entire room design on (speaking to future lottery winning Amy), which item would I choose? It didn’t take me long to figure it out.

Hands down, my FAVORITE piece of furniture in my house is my desk chair. It’s actually a dining chair (and will be a dining chair again when we move one day), but for now we use these chairs for our office chairs.

Why do I love them so? Well, they have EVERYTHING I love about design all rolled into one chair. My style isn’t just ONE style – actually, it consists of many different styles mixed together. I like modern, traditional, tailored, timeless, clean lines (although the hubby might argue otherwise), with a touch of vintage, rustic and industrial.

So lets review. This chair is a modern twist on a traditional look. The shape is very clean, but the nail heads bring back that traditional feel. The hardware on the back acts as “jewelry” and saves the chair from looking boring or average. The legs aren’t overly traditional, nor are they overly modern. They are simple and have a slightly rustic finish. The upholstery is a linen fabric which I LOVE. Although linen can sometimes be looked at as casual, the overall design of this chair dresses up the linen.


So basically, the design of this chair contains every single design element that I love; it’s simple, elegant, traditional and modern with a touch of rustic. Can’t get much better in my book!


If you are looking to find your favorite accent chair (or any piece of furniture), you might want to check out One King Lane’s new resource guide, found here. Their resource guide will answer questions like: Which era is your chair from? Is it a centerpiece or an accent to the rest of the room? What design elements of the chair (pattern, texture, color, etc) do you love most?

So do you have a favorite statement chair like I do? Or any random piece of furniture?? Or am I the only one who drools over furniture? Please tell me I’m not the only one:):)

* This is not a sponsored post – just me giving my thoughts!!

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  1. Ok, those chairs are super cute! I think it’s the hardware on the back that adds to final bit of extra wow to them. Please share where they’re from? And, I think you managed to sum up the crazy mix of styles I find myself drawn to as well. I didn’t think it was normal for one person to like industrial, modern things and yet also Frenchy, rustic and traditional. Glad to know I am not as odd as I thought. 🙂

    • The Blissful Bee

      Yes my style is kind of all over the place! But I think thats ok, right?? I found these chairs at HomeGoods about a year or two ago. I still see similar styles though every time I visit!

  2. Too much white…
    I would striped the wood mantle to its natural state and clear coated.
    Why do you need a “coffee table?” Get rid of it and open space. Use naturally finshed wood drums with organic shapes to capture, drinks, books, and related LV media

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