Happy Friday everyone! If you all recall, I am participating in the wonderful Blue Christmas Blog Hop along with Commona My HouseThe Happy HousieLife on Virginia StreetAverie LaneMaison de Pax and Sweet Dreams are Made of These. The theme is “Blue Christmas” incorporating blue items in your Christmas decor.

Today we are posting about our Christmas trees! Now I have to admit, I had some trouble incorporating a lot of blue in my tree. You will find small accents of blue, but from afar, the blue fades out a bit. But thats ok! I still love my little blue accents even if you can’t quite notice it from a distance.


This year the hubby and I had to buy a new tree. I know… depressing, right?? Trees are so expensive and we already had a perfectly good one in storage. Unfortunately we now live in a smaller house and our large tree wasn’t going to fit. Womp Womp… After searching a while for an affordable tree, I ended up finding a 6 foot narrow tree for ONLY $20 at Target!!! It was the exact shape I had been looking for (tall and skinny) AND the base was small enough to fit in my wicker basket. I didn’t want to use a tree skirt this year, so I was really happy I found a tree that had a small base that fit inside my basket.


The tree didn’t come pre-lit, so we had to buy lights. No biggie. I only spent $20 on the tree, so I didn’t mind spending $8 on the lights. Typically most people use the standard (smaller) Christmas lights on their tree, but I decided to be different this year and go with the larger C9’s. I am really happy I did! I didn’t want to the tree to be overwhelmed with lights, and these bulbs give off the perfect amount of glow.


I also crafted a few paper birds you will see throughout the tree. And guess what… I will be posting the FREE printable so you can craft these little birdies yourself! That post will be coming soon, so stay tuned!




Most of my ornaments were found at Walmart last year. They were super cheap and gorgeous and I couldn’t pass them up! The feather birds you see are from Garden Ridge and they are still there this season as well.


Are you needing more Christmas inspiration? I just posted my FULL Christmas Home Tour yesterday, so make sure to stop by! Myself, along with 24 other bloggers, are all involved in the home tour, so you will have more than enough inspiration to get you through the holidays.

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  1. What a gorgeous tree, Amy!!! love the birds, they tie in the natural touches so well!!! Your style is amazing! Thanks so much- was a really fun experiment to add touches of blue! Merry Christmas!

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