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So a few weeks ago I asked you all to participate in a little survey about my blog. I was thrilled with the amount of people who took the survey – thank you all SO much! Today I wanted to show you all how I took  your advice and give you a little blog tour.

First of all, it seemed like everyone is happy with the direction the blog is going in, so yay! I’ve been doing my best to simplify my blog layout and make it as easy as I can for you all to navigate and find my latest projects, room reveals, freebies, etc.

I’ve also spent many months testing out different headers and I’m so happy to say I’ve finally found the design that seems to fit me best. Along with the design changes, I have also been working on the functionality. My first update was the addition of my dropdowns in my navigation, seen here:


The reason why I didn’t have dropdowns before was because it displays weird on a mobile device (you have to scroll a lot to get to the content). After a few months of debating which was more important, I figured more people read my blog from a computer rather than on a mobile device. By using dropdowns, I have been able to categorize everything in neat little pages for you all to find my projects and posts easier.

Another big debate is whether or not I should continue to use truncated posts. In my mind, truncated is the ONLY way to go, but I have heard others don’t agree with me. In fact, I’ve heard some people won’t even read a blog if they have truncated posts! Man, that’s harsh! I totally understand (and respect) that everyone has their own opinion, but here is why I LOVE truncated posts:

1. They are SUPER organized and clean looking.
2. You can quickly look at which posts you are interested in and go directly to that post rather than scrolling through a million LONG posts that you don’t care about.
3. When you “pin” a photo, the pin will automatically link to the actual web page of the project rather than pinning to the general homepage. I hate it when I pin something and go back later to try and find the actual post and it leads me to the blog’s homepage. It does this because if  you use a traditional blog layout, all of your posts are on your homepage, not your actual post page. So every pin links to your HOME page, NOT your POST page.
4. If it’s been a few days/weeks since you’ve visited a blog, you can easily glance at weeks worth of posts right there on the homepage rather than scrolling and clicking through days/weeks of posts.

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As much as I’ve heard how many people hate truncated posts, my survey actually showed otherwise. There wasn’t really one harsh opinion either way.  Also, I had a reader ask if there was a widget for truncating your posts. I’m not sure of one since my blog theme automatically truncates mine when I use a feature image and the “Insert More Tag” in WordPress.  Any suggestions regarding a widget would be much appreciated!



Here was some of the feedback regarding truncated vs. traditional:

I like truncated posts because there I feel it is easier to find a specific post if I’m going back through a blog. It really doesn’t matter to me one way or the other how the blog is laid out…..I think that if someone won’t bother reading a blog with a truncated post, then they weren’t really interested to begin with. There are readers out there who are going to find fault with each and every little thing.

I prefer seeing the entire post at once, but it’s really not a deal breaker for me.

I come from Bloglovin so I see the whole post but honestly, I like to see the whole post when I visit a blog.

I am fine with either. I do read a lot of different blogs so I feel like you just get use to whatever format the blogger uses if you like that blog.

I prefer traditional for ease of reading. But I don’t mind truncated posts on a blog’s homepage – what bothers me is when they get cut in a feed reader (I always read posts on an iphone app), since it’s such a pain to read then!

I think truncated is just fine. It allows me to easily see the titles of recent posts that I may have missed so I can catch them.

When I do click through, truncated posts do not turn me off. I don’t mind them.

It is more organized. It’s nice to just keep scrolling down to each new blog post, but you’re right. It makes sense to just open one post that you want to read and then go and find the next one you want to read. I like it! 🙂

I prefer the whole post to show but won’t stop reading if it doesn’t.

I prefer truncated. It’s super annoying to have to scroll down through posts that don’t interest me. (Ha! Not that you have ones that don’t interest me.)

I agree, truncated posts are much more clean looking and easier to navigate through the page. I heard the same thing about people leaving the blog if it’s truncated and so I went the traditional route but not for long. It’s just better organized (like you say) truncated.

For now I can’t seem to veer away from truncated posts (I just love them too much!), but I want to please everyone, so here is my solution for those who don’t like truncated posts. My survey told me the main reason  you like the traditional layout vs. the truncated layout is because when using the truncated layout, you always have to revert back to the home page to see the next post. Well I’ve fixed that for you with my “older post” and “newer post” widget that I’ve installed. As seen here:

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For all my email subscribers, I also have the FULL post appear in the email. So if you would rather just read my posts through email, you can sign up here.

I’ve also installed a “back to top” widget that scrolls you all the way up to the top of the page if you’ve scrolled too far down. For the “back to top plugin, I used the WP Front Scroll widget for WordPress. For the right and left navigation, I used the WP Single Post Navigation and customized it to fit my blog’s color scheme.

You might have also noticed that I added my portfolio to the blog. Yay! Finally! So if you would like to see my work without clicking through a ton of blog posts, you can just visit my portfolio, here.


Oh, and on top of all my blog updates, I also went through a little change myself… I colored my hair over the weekend! Whaaaa? I totally love the ombre look I had before (and will eventually go back to it), but I also like to change things up every now and then;) Like I said in my  20 Things You May or May Not Know About Me post (#15 to  be exact), I’ve had many different hair colors and loved them all! So this time I decided to go with a drastic change – back to brunette! After a few days of it being dark, I’m finally starting to recognize myself again haha

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Well, I think that just about sums it up! You were all SO sweet for taking my survey a few weeks ago.  Thanks again!

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6 thoughts on “My Blog Tour & Updates!

  1. This was a great read – especially for someone who just switched to wordpress a few weeks ago. When I work out a few kinks, I think I’ll add a survey too.

    I found you on Thrifty Thursday. Nice to meet you!

  2. Love the changes you made. I am also making the switch to WordPress and was glad to see your post. Do you do the changes on your blog or have someone that does that for you? Thanks for including the widgets you used, that is very helpful.

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