So it’s been a while since I last created a design board, and with the mood board collaboration we have coming up next week, it just got in the designing mood again. After designing my board for the Spring collaboration{which you will see on Monday}, I got the urge to keep going!

Here are a few of my designs that I recently came up with. Oh I swoon at all of the designer finishes that I can so easily put into a virtual mood board. I just wish that translated in to my real life budget! Oh well – until then, I will just keep designing on paper… or technically speaking, on the computer:)

To see more of my design boards, click [here].

 photo 3_Moodboards_zps0ee88c49.jpg
 photo 3_Moodboards2_zps76e02d2d.jpg
 photo 3_Moodboards3_zps0167a3c5.jpg
And just a quick reminder that Google Friend Connect will be GOING AWAY on July 1st, so please please please follow along with Bloglovin. It is SUCH a great blog reader, and I even like it better than GFC! Who knew?? Anyways, you can follow along from the link below, or see my sidebar to click on the button. It took me 2 seconds to sign up for FREE and it literally transferred ALL of my blogs over in about 30 seconds. Can’t get much better than that, right??

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  1. Love all of your moodboards! Those are always such fun to make! I’m new to the blog world and just started following you’re blog, it’s fabulous by the way! 🙂

  2. Love, love all your moodboards but the middle one is my favorite. It takes a lot of time and talent to create boards this beautiful – great job!

  3. Very cool moodboards- I think the first is my fave….cool blues 🙂

    Question for you: What software or something do you make your moodboards with? Might you have a tutorial to share with us, in case I missed it?

    Smiles, while I visit from MyRepurposedlife’s linky party,
    Suz @MaytagnMom
    in Illinois