Today I want to share another one of my furniture makeovers for the new house. I forgot to take a before picture, but as you can see below, I took a snap shot mid-project! This mirror has seen a few different paint colors in its day – let me tell you! It all started somewhere in the 80’s in a very gaudy gold finish. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some gold, but this was a bit overbearing. This mirror actually sat in my parents formal living room through the 80’s and 90’s and disappeared sometime after that. Yes, it was time for it to be hidden away in a closet and we should all be thankful for that!¬†

Ok now fast forward about a decade… Once I graduated college, I had no money, no job and NO furniture! So whats a girl to do? RAID her parents house;) That’s when I found this old gem… well soon-to-be gem. She was still gold and still quite flashy. Not a problem for this gal though! 10 minutes later she was on my parents kitchen floor and painted black. Perfect! New mirror?? Check!

After many years of this mirror being used in its fabulous black paint color, I thought it was time for a change. See… back in the day I had this theory that you could fix any piece of old furniture with some black paint. So, naturally I pretty much painted everything black. Well… after a while, I ended up with a bunch of black furniture. With our new house, I wanted to brighten things up a bit. I went through many different color options for the new mirror. They varied from coral, to sea foam blue, to mint green and so on. Well folks, I ended up not choosing ANY of those colors and went with white. Boring?? I sure don’t think so! It was such a drastic change and really lightened up the space. What do you think?

 photo before_zps4da6fc32.jpg

 photo mirror_after_zpsf2025bd5.jpg

 photo mirror_after3_zps3c6020bb.jpg

 photo mirror_after2_zpsbaea8dc9.jpg

 photo mirror_after4_zps85a50015.jpg

 photo mirror_after5_zps5e6f0095.jpg

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  1. I always love looking at your photographs and I totally agree with you, there is good and bad gold.
    The mirror looks great!

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