As promised, I have finally made it back to the home decor realm of my blog!! Sorry for my a-d-d adventures in photography and graphic design lately… it is my 9-5 job though, so I’m ok with getting distracted every now and then;)

Today I want to share with you where I found some of my items from my most recent living room reveal. Some of the pieces are vintage, so I’ve left a lot of those out. But I have done my best for tagging the items that you might actually be able to find online or in the store. Enjoy!

 photo Items_LivingRoom_zps0e191e28.jpg
 photo Items_LivingRoom2_zps80134d7d.jpg
 photo Items_LivingRoom3_zps88ae2202.jpg
 photo Items_LivingRoom4_zps5d659ae1.jpg
On top of the items I have listed, most of the accessories are from places like Home Goods, Marshalls, Ross, etc. The bargain stores of course! I will occasionally venture into Pottery Barn every now and then, but as I preach often, 99% of the time you can find a near identical match in Home Goods or Marshalls. Maybe not always on the big furniture pieces, but the accessories for sure! You just gotta be ready to dig for the good stuff!
Tonight I wanted to sign off with something a little different – a montage of Graham and I’s wedding 3 whole years ago! That’s right – Tomorrow, March 6th, is our 3 year wedding anniversary:) And 5 years together! It’s been a great journey so far and I cannot wait to see what is in store for the two of us.
 photo weddingmontage_zps5889ba39.jpg
 photo weddingmontage2_zpsf2217663.jpg

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far:)

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