So the day has come! My first room reveal in the new house:) As I have stated since the move, our new home is MUCH smaller – I think 990 sq. ft. to be exact. I was a bit nervous to sign the lease at first because of the drastic difference, but SO thankful we took the leap in the end! It also presented me with the challenge of learning how to design in a small space. And who doesn’t love a new challenge?? I know I sure do:) 


The living room looked especially small, which was my biggest concern.  When we walked in for the first time, it looked like one teeny tiny little box. Thankfully I kept reminding myself that rooms always look smaller without furniture – strange concept I know, but it’s very true.


Here is the box I’m talking about…




Could that really be the same room as this…. ???
Woah! What a difference! It’s pretty amazing how some thoughtful furniture placement can really make a difference. This living room is less than half the size of our previous home, but you really don’t feel like it when your in the space. We also have the same amount of seating as well (minus one chair that really wasn’t used). You can’t tell from these photos, but our living room opens up to the dining room and office. I think that’s also why the space looks much bigger than it actually is. The room is also taken over by these massive windows which let some amazing natural light into the space.  As you can tell… it made it quite difficult to take photos with all of that light coming in! That’s what I get for having a six year old camera!


Anyways – I hope you enjoy my new living room as much as I do. And now for some eye candy!










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  1. Looks so great!! We are moving to a smaller house in 39 days (not that Im counting or anything) and I am actually really looking forward to putting together our house on a smaller scale. Bigger rooms are so much harder to me!

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful room here at Nifty Thrifty Tuesday. Love your coffee table and I would love having all those windows:)


  3. Hi Amy!
    Your blog is awesome! I love the room makeover & that table, wow great job. You have amazing style, loved looking through yout blog. Have a great week, Jen

  4. It looks fabulous. I moved to a home 1/2 the size of my previous one, so I do understand what you are talking about. You’ve done an amazing job, your living room is gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  5. So pretty and warm……love it………especially that coffee table.
    Now following you from

  6. I love your style, Amy. What a beautiful, comfortable living room. You did an amazing job! And yes, so true about looking smaller without furniture! I’m including a link back in this week’s highlights. Thanks so much for sharing your decorating talent. 😉

  7. What a great job – I love it! I can’t believe it is the same small room.

    I would love for you to link up at the Empty Your Archive party which has living room makeovers and organisation as one of it’s themes this week – Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

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  9. Adriana Mariella Reply

    I have been searching for a TV storage unit just like the one in this room! The open sides are key for me since I have a tiny space. Where did you get this one?

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