This past week has been rather interesting to say the least. I attempted to introduce Bailey to a new kitten, and well… it didn’t go as planned. The kitten wanted Bailey as her new mom, and Bailey didn’t want anything to do with her. It broke my heart to see Bailey so scared, but this weekend I’m going to try another tactic. Thanks to my Instagram buddies, I got a TON of wonderful advice on how to introduce an established cat with a new kitten. It just so happened that just a few days after my failed attempt, I stumbled upon this video and could not stop laughing.

Looks like Bailey isn’t the only one who doesn’t like new company! Don’t worry friends, it only took her a day or so to get  back to her normal self (aka laying next to the window napping and occasionally waking up to stalk birds).


I also recently discovered the joy of the J. Crew Factory store. I don’t know how I just now found out about their online store, but it’s ah. mah. zing. I found these beautiful coral flats for just $48!


I’ve also been doing a little gardening around the house to give our front porch some summer cheer. My mom gave me these beautiful flowers and they’ve been blooming like crazy!


Thankfully I was able squeeze in another outfit photo session for the blog and really loved how this one came out. Isn’t that wall just awesome?? I really love the reflection in the windows too; it almost looks fake!


And here she is. The nameless kitten that my friend and I temporarily call Tiger. She, along with 2 of her brothers, are strays we found in my friends backyard. Their stray mama either left them or died, and it’s so sad to see them without their mom at such a young age. If Bailey allows, I plan on keeping this little furball. If not, I will adopt her out to a lovely forever home here in Fort Worth. She’s still pretty scared of me (and hisses at just about anything that moves suddenly), but there were some sweet moments where she fell asleep in my lap and actually trusted me. Those moments were just so special! Gave me hope she will eventually come around and know I’m here to help.


Along with updating my porch, I’ve also been working on adding some color to our front flower bed. We didn’t want to spend any money on plants since we’re just renting, but I just got so sick and tired of looking at a blank flower bed. For only $55 I was able to buy a handful of bushes and flowers to spruce up the space. More to come!


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    • The Blissful Bee

      A lot of people say it takes a while for cats to warm up to each other, so we’ll see! I’m going to try it again this weekend, so hopefully it will go smoother!

  1. I was having a really bad day and the cat video made me laugh. So cute.

    • The Blissful Bee

      Oh I hate to hear you had a bad day! I’m glad this video made it better though:) It makes me laugh every time I watch it!

  2. Beautiful photos! and AAAAAW for the kitten!!
    I’ve found mine in the street last year, she was in a desperate conditions and kept hissing at me, too.
    But after few days she realised she was loved and just after looking at me she started to purr ^_^
    Feels so good to save a little life 🙂

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