How long have I been updating this room? Too long if you ask me! Thankfully after many months of buying, selling, moving and re-arranging, I am finally finished – and very happy with the outcome might I add. So what all have I done? Keep reading to see my process! 

Here are a few pictures of the rest of the finished room:

Now lets get down to the fun part and start listing out some of my furniture pieces and accessories!

Where I found my Items:
5×7 Floral Rug: Target, $180 (I think this item might be retiring, so it might be on clearance)
Linen Chairs with Nail Heads: Home Goods, $199 Each
Red Jute Bordered Pillows: Pottery Barn, $40 per cover
Yellow Ikat Pillows: Garden Ridge, $9.99 each
Small Bee Pillow: Antique Store, $14
Matching Lamps: Target $36 per lamp base, $12 per shade
Coffee Table:, $220
Small Metal Shelves: Home Goods, $16 each
Settee: Antique Store, $100
White Curtains: Target, $7.99 per panel

After all the changes I’ve made to this room, most people think I must have spent a fortune. Well, I actually haven’t spent really anything on the room. Crazy, right?? How is that possible? I’ve bought things that I end up switching out, so what do I do with everything I replace? Well get excited, because the answer is coming up in my next post! Keep reading to find out how I successfully re-decorated this room on a near ZERO dollar budget;)

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  1. I think it looks wonderful, the red rug really makes a huge difference and adds that pop! I’m jealous, mine is still a work in progress! Hopefully I will finish this week! I’m working on a gallery wall that is killing me! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amy, it’s gorgeous! It’s packed full of personality! What a beautiful inviting formal living room. 🙂 I’m including a link back in my DIY highlights!

  3. It’s perfect! Just the subtle pattern that your room needed. Just goes to show that it’s always better to wait until you find the right item, instead of rushing into something you’re not sure about.
    Kincaid American Journal

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