After months of our backyard being in “demo mode” as our pool was being built, it was hard to imagine how amazingly bright and bold it would soon become. Months of brown dirt and grey concrete became our new norm, but soon enough our world would transform from black and white to color. I just posted about our pool progress in this post here, so make sure to check it out to get up to speed!

The same week our pool was completed, our turf grass was installed. It was crazy to see the dramatic before and after all within a number of days. The dull grey that once was our pool was now a bright hue of turquoise due to our crisp white plaster and sparkling pool water. Our once band-aid brown dirt from months of pool construction (and lots of rain) suddenly transformed into a lush green paradise (aka our turf grass).

The process was quite interesting and much more detailed than I anticipated. From leveling the ground, to installing a layer of crushed rock, to eventually rolling out the turf, it was clear that the job was done right. We worked with a local company (Winter Green Synthetic Grass) and loved them! And side note, the owner’s name is Winter. I mean, how cool is that? It’s like he was made to be in the grass business.

Sorry, got a bit distracted. Back to the install!

Here is what our backyard looked like before the pool was installed:

And here’s what our back yard looked like for a few weeks while the pool was being installed. Lots of BROWN.

As the pool progressed, so did the installation of our turf grass! This is a shot of some test strips in between our pool decking before we officially installed everything.

This is what the roll of turf looked like when it first arrived. SO freaking cool.

More progress shots of the installation… The brown area is the prep for the turf, which is installed on top.

We’ve been living with our artificial turf for a few months now and couldn’t be happier with our decision to install it. I love it so much that I’m actually writing a more detailed post on it for a later date. More to come!

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