Lately life has been BUSY to say the least. I’ve been so caught up in my day-to-day routine that I haven’t been able to sit back, relax and just BLOG.

Sometimes even when I’m not designing any particular space, I get the urge to throw together design boards just for fun. It keeps my creativity flowing and puts me in a good mood. Some people go to the spa, some people design mood boards. What can I say? I’m different.

A while back I did a series called “Inspiration Monday.” I would create design boards based on my current mood and some of my favorite trends to inspire not only myself, but you guys as well. I thought I would bring the series back because, well, I missed it!

Today’s board is inspired by a trend that I think will actually be staying around for a while. This trend mixes modern and industrial as well as a touch of traditional here and there. It’s based off a simple color scheme and, if you ask me, is such a timeless look.

The Mix



So what do you think? Are you brave enough to hop back on the brass train? As you can probably guess, I sure am! Who else is loving this look as much as I am?

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