Recently I’ve been feeling the need to create and be inspired. I used to stray away from writing “inspiration posts” or mood board posts, because sometimes it made me dream too much about how I wish my house could really look. I see it now… dark wood floors, tufted sofas galore, and stark white wood planked walls. Oh, and a wrap around porch of course. Oh there I go again… dreaming away!

But after all of my dreaming, I’ve realized one thing. Why is dreaming so bad? I’m completely happy and thankful for everything I have and everything I’ve done with my home, but dreaming of new designs is also pretty fun too;)  Since I obviously can’t re-design my home every week, I figure why not create a few designs here on the blog? For the next few weeks I will be trying out a weekly series called Inspiration Monday.  I hope you enjoy the next few weeks of inspiration!!

Citron + Gold

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  1. I have the same thoughts about moodboards! I’m always torn between the idea of “what’s wrong with dreaming?” and “this makes me want to change my whole house!” Love this fun mix of pattern and color, Amy!

    • The Blissful Bee

      Ok I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that way haha! I’ve come to embrace my dreaming habits;) And hey, it’s free, so whats the harm? lol

  2. So pretty! You and Danielle Oakey are on the same page with your posts today.
    And you don’t even know how many times I had that rug in my shopping card already!

  3. Hi Amy-
    It’s always great to make a special board for the things we love…and (want)- but I just took another look at you home and it is beautiful, even with the wall to wall carpet.
    I just received an estimate for laminate floors to be installed in our condo and it will cost over $6,500.00 – (not good.)
    I have carpet and was so hoping to get my hardwood – so guess where I stand now. You guessed, new carpet.
    Just looking at Lowes and they have FREE installation – even better.
    I live in a 55+ community and I think I will be living with carpet for the rest of my life. Now how bad is that really…. I am also very thankful for everything I have – but I do know how you feel…
    You need to look at you home again…its absolutely beautiful.

    • The Blissful Bee

      Thank you so much Rose! I am so very thankful for everything I have:) I’m sure your home is just beautiful, and honestly, carpet is much more comfy on the feet;) So there is a bright side to it!

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