Ok so last week I let y’all in on my recent laundry room makeover.  One of the many changes I’ve made is our new industrial light fixture as you see here:

Well this little gem had actually been in our garage for many months just patiently waiting for it’s perfect home. It had previously sat over the kitchen table like this when we moved in, but we KNEW there ain’t no way it was going to stay there. This is the picture from when the previous owner lived there. We literally changed it out the day we moved in. Thanks Dad and hubs!
As you can see, it had a strange glass orb surrounding it. As soon as we took it down, I figured out a way to take the glass out. Which made a HUGE difference. Here is a better photo I found on the Lowes website:
I now had it looking more industrial once I took the glass off, but I still had no place for it. It literally sat in my garage for months all sad and lonely:(
After taking off the glass months ago, the size of the fixture was kind of awkward. It was too small for some spaces and too large for others, so we never found a place for it. Never even thought about using it in the laundry room until yesterday when I became completely desperate. The UFO light was coming down no matter what – even if we didn’t have a replacement. And if you know me, I seriously hate unfinished projects. I’ll stay up all night if I have to just to make sure I get the project done. Weird, I know. 
You might also notice there was a long pole that I had to disassemble if I wanted to use it in this space. Needless to say, after a few trial and errors, it worked perfectly!! And to think…I was literally about to drive to Lowes and buy a new fixture!! SO glad I didn’t give in. I always like to think that I work best when I’m shoved into a corner. I knew I didn’t want to spend any more money on the laundry room, so I HAD to work with what I already had. So what did I do? Wondered around my house and garage for about an hour until I figured something out. Thank goodness, because I found the perfect solution and didn’t have to spend a dime:)
Here was our process:
{ Step 1 – take down Mr. UFO light }
You might notice that fixture look a bit… out of this world.  Can you imagine if there was more than one, and they were ALL over your house? Fixtures like these spread in every single room?? Could it be true???? Yes. It was true. When we moved in, fixtures like these were everywhere. We liked to call them our little space ships or UFO’s that had taken over the house.  It took a few months to switch every one of them out throughout the house, but this little guy was the last to be changed. Can’t really say I’m going to miss him much. Fly on home spaceship! Aka the trash…
{ Step 2 – take apart the pole to shorten the height }
{ Step 3 – Re-thread the wire through the shortened chain }
{ Step 4 – Hang it up, step back, & enjoy! }
So what do you think? Like I said before, this is just one of the many DIY’s I had to create in order to make my laundry room complete. More posts on that particular makeover soon!

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