Ikea Hack – Replacing Legs on an Ikea Couch

I recently posted about my living room makeover and my fabulous new Ikea couch. We had been wanting a new couch for a long time but didn’t want to hand over the dough. For a sectional, the cost can range up into the $1,000-$2,000 range. Yikes! Not ideal at all. After shopping around for about 2 years, I finally ended up on Ikea’s website.

My style has been changing so much lately, so I was really looking for something simple with clean lines. When I found the Karlstad couch from Ikea, I knew it was a perfect match. It gave me a neutral shape for my traditional/modern/eclectic style. I can dress it up or dress it down and it will match just about anything.


There was just one slight issue… the legs. Not so much my style. Before I purchased the couch I did some heavy duty research. I read you could simply pick up a few legs from Lowes and use some new mounting plates and it’s all peachy. Well… then I kept reading and understood thats not exactly the case. Yes, it’s possible, but not 100% sturdy. Not sure how true that is, but I didn’t want to risk it. Since we are going to be using this couch in our main living space, I wanted it to be super sturdy.

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I eventually came across Uncle Bob’s Workshop. His shop makes custom legs specifically made for Ikea couches. They screw right into the couch without any mounting plates needed, which means they are just as durable and sturdy as the legs that came with the couch. They come pre-stained and you can order all sorts of stains and shapes.


Before I placed my order, I created a photoshop mock-up to make sure I would like the look.


These legs are a little different than the legs I chose from Uncle Bob’s. I realized after I made this mock up that I wanted the legs to be even more simple. I was very happy with my decision. When I got the legs in the mail a few weeks later, they were exactly what I was looking for.

Here is my exact order (stain, shape, height, etc.):
5-1/2″, Square, Full Taper/Pyramid, Dark Brown, Taper 4 sides

The next step was to take the existing legs off the couch. All we had to do was lay it on its backside and take off the old legs and screw in the new ones. It’s as simple as that!!



Below is the before and after. In my opinion, the new legs make the couch look like a completely different couch. More of a West Elm feel rather than Ikea feel;)

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To see my full living room makeover, click here.

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89 thoughts on “Ikea Hack – Replacing Legs on an Ikea Couch

      1. So just wondering why nobody has noticed this you are talking about a Karlstad and that’s what you showed in your photo shop mockup but all your pictures are actually a Friheten…I’m assuming these legs work as well even with the pull out bed?

    1. They aim at low cost. Those blocky chunky straight-sided unstained legs are very inexpensive to reproduce. Another great place to buy after-market IKEA specific legs is: prettypegs. com
      It’s an overseas company, but I think they have free shipping, and I recommend you google for a discount code. The legs are whimsical and hip, retro and otherwise, very very cool. For sofas and tables, too.

  1. I’m not crazy about any of the legs on Ikea’s sofas.
    Your new legs are AMAZING! I think you just doubled the value of the sofa!
    Great choice!

  2. It’s funny we were looking at this sofa but I hated the light colored square legs. I may change my mind now knowing that there is another leg option out there. Your choice is great.

  3. Excellent post! Thanks so much for all the info and great pics.
    Uncle Bob’s Workshop was a great link & even better – their prices.
    I haven’t ordered just yet – wrote them a question regarding my specific sofa, but just wanted to say thanks.
    After hours of research, finally some reasonably priced and easy ways to vintage-up my sofa 🙂

  4. I found this at just the right time! We bought some chairs and the legs are hideous but I relented because hubby wanted them (they are comfy). But I will definitely be thinking about this. Pinning.

  5. AHHHH! i did the same thing!!! why ikea uses such cheap looking legs is beyond me! your sofa looks great now! much “richer”!

      1. I don’t get it.

        How much more would it cost IKEA to supply tapered legs?

        I can’t imagine it would be that much.

        Since everyone is so enthusiastic about the sofas with the tapered legs, you would think company marketing personnel would have picked up on this and changed the design.

        Go figure.

  6. We have the same style chairs–and yes, the legs are terrible. I’ve been wanting to do something about it but wasn’t sure how/what. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Thank you ever so much for this post. I just bought a Klippan loveseat and desperately needed to change out the terrible cheap metal legs but nothing at Lowe’s or Home Depot would have worked. I’m hoping the website you shared will.
    I have been searching for days for a helpful site for this challenge. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  8. Great post! I just got a black leather Karlstad and am looking to change out the legs as well… I am shooting for a brushed metal look, although Uncle Bob’s has some very nice dark stained pine ones.

    My question though is regarding the chaise add-on – I was hoping to get the chaise but wasn’t sure if it would fit the sofa as it looks like it is intended for the loveseat Karlstad. It looks like you have the sofa with the chaise though. Is that the case? Were there any issues attaching it?

    Your living room looks great BTW!

  9. Love this fix! This completely changed my view of the Karlstad collection. How many legs did you need for the sofa/ chaise combination?

      1. I too was scouring your article to find which type of wood you used. Does your order show which wood type it was? I really like how your choice turned out and was hoping to be able to do the same.

  10. I love everything about your living room! So I had a question for ya – I just ordered some Uncle Bob’s legs off of your recommendation but I was worried the 5.5″ legs would make the couch too short for me. I ended up going with the 8″ instead. Now I’m really worried it’s going to look stupid haha Do you think the 8″ legs would look ok on the karlstad? You’ve done such a beautiful job I just thought if ask your opinion 🙂 thanks!

  11. It’s like this post was made for me!! I too am buying the Ikea Karlstad couch and will definitely be changing the legs. I was looking for leads, a quick Google search later, here I am! 🙂 Oddly enough, the black and white couch cushions you choose are also exactly what I’ve been envisioning – Where did you get them?

  12. CAUTION: do not order from Uncle Bob’s workshop

    I have waited 5 months for my sofa legs, and after many ignored emails from me Im trying to get my money back. Lots of other options out there folks, spare yourself the headache.

    1. I read Amy’s article (only now in June 2016) and jumped on the Uncle Bob’s Workshop site and placed an order for 8 legs. It was only then that I saw your comment and subsequently a number of negative reviews at the BBB and the Google Site page. I got worried and emailed him directly at


      He (Robert Brandt) responded quickly indicating that he will ship my order.

      I can’t explain why he seems to miss some orders and not others but since his site did not send me an automated order acknowledgement (only PayPal did), I wonder if there is some disconnect between his site and his merchant account.

      Anyway, try emailing him! And good luck.


  13. Beautiful! I was just wondering what wood you chose? On his website there are a lot to choose from! Are these pine or oak etc.?

  14. Hi! I am attempting to do the same thing… but I cant figure out how to get the old IKEA legs off of the couch. Did you save the tools used from putting the couch together in the first place? I got rid of them, which was a bad move, and it seems like I need a super long alan wrench or something? Thanks in advance!

      1. Hi BB! Would you please expand on the above and indicate what types of tools it was that you used to take off the legs? Unlike the replacement legs at Uncle Bob’s, the original Karlstad legs also have a wooden peg (in addition to the screw) that goes into the frame so, as Molly D states, it seems difficult to get off. Thank you!

        1. I bought the couch new from Ikea and used the tools that came with the couch originally. I only had the original legs on for a few weeks (while I waited for my new ones to come in) so I made sure to keep the hardware that came with the couch so I could easily take off the original legs. I’m not sure exactly what these tools are called though – I’m sorry!! I’m sure Ikea might sell them?

  15. I love the look of the new legs with the couch. I have been considering getting a Karlstad too. Just wondering how they hold up furniture wise. Is it still comfortable? have the back cushions still held their shape? Would love to hear your review. Thanks!

    1. I realize you posted almost a year and a half ago, but I thought I would respond to your question. I have had my Karlstad sofa for 8+ years. I have the bright green one. Other than the color fading a little in some spaces (I cannot figure out what caused it since it has never been in the sun) and one of the legs falling off today, I love it and get a lot of compliments on it. The back cushions have held their shape (even with a cat that loves walking on the back of it!). I find it very comfortable and the smaller silhouette makes it work well in smaller rooms. Hope this helps!

  16. Don’t forget about Leg Daddy! You can get those replacement legs and feet on ebay, amazon or on sofalegwarehouse.com!

  17. Hi!! I’ve been looking at purchasing this chaise couch from Ikea and specifically looking for reviews for the cushions/couch it’s self. The reviews are awful for the cushions being flat or “wonky” ( for lack of a better word). I notice that you have a blanket across the back of your couch, and I’m curious if it’s bc of the quality of the pillows?! Any insight you can give on this is SO appreciated! I live 4hrs from an ikea so online ordering and reviews are my only option! Thanks so much!!!

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