How [Fashion] & {Home Design} Correlate

A lot of times the color and patterns that are trending in fashion are also trending in home design. I see this all the time and I even see it in my own closet and home! Fashion and home trends have always run along the same path, and today I wanted to show you some of my favorite examples.

For instance, do you ever feel like you’ve got multiple design personalities? I know I sure do! One day I’m attracted to over the top industrial inspired rooms, and the next day I’m drooling over a beach inspired seaside room exploding with corals, turqouise’s and fresh whites. It’s always changing and I’ve noticed my fashion style changes with it. One day I’m as preppy as can be, and the next I feel like embracing my “artsy” side. For a while I would get annoyed with my “style A-D-D”, but I have recently learned to embrace it. I realized that I love all of these different forms of design because I SIMPLY LOVE DESIGN! It’s as simple as that and I’m not ashamed of it:) Lets take a closer look at a few of my design boards that show some {color and pattern} trends that have developed over the past year or so. It’s amazing to see how easily they transfer from fashion to home design, or vice versa!

Isn’t that just crazy how it’s all so similar??! Really an interesting way to look at design, huh? Hope y’all enjoyed! This was a really fun post to create, so I might be doing a few more of these later down the road. More to come!

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