So I want to start out with saying that I am completely aware that by posting about a {Hide-A-Way kitty litter box} that I am knowingly walking into “crazy cat lady” territory… Yupp. It just happened. I will say though that I do think this post could be quite useful for any cat owners who might want to live stylishly AND have an indoor cat. Yes people, it’s possible. Let me show you how.
Since we have moved, we had to find a new home for our sweet kitty {Bailey’s} litter box. We don’t have a large laundry room like we did in the previous house, so I had to get creative! Unfortunately the only place we were able to put her “bathroom” was in our kitchen. EW, right?!? Well don’t you fret, because I’ve got a solution.
Since we adopted little miss Bailey back in May, we bought the best little purchase EVER from good ole Wal-Mart. It’s a litter box that represents a piece of furniture compete with an adorable little door that I can change out her “business” and she can walk in and out to… well… ya know… DO her business;) At only $49, it is one of our best buys yet! It hides 98% of the smell, and at the same time hides all that nasty stuff we don’t want to look at. 
 photo 2013-01-18115824am_zpsee7e79a4.png
You can find it {HERE} at
So now you might be wondering how to recreate the rest of Bailey’s “Potty Mansion” as I like to call it. Well it’s quite easy and I am here to show you how. All is takes is just a few items and a few short steps. 

 photo whatyouwillneed_zpsb33cbd18.jpg

You first need to start off with some sort of decorative table that is open underneath. The table I used is something my Dad and I built years ago out of an old cabinet door. But no custom build is needed for this project – anything that has an open bottom will work. You also don’t need to have the $50 litter house from wal-mart – it’s great to have to hide the smell, but it’s not needed. I love using it because with the door on the kitty house, along with the curtain on my tutorial, there is NO smell at all. It’s awesome.
Moving on! Basically what you need to do first is measure how wide your table is from leg to leg. Once you know your width, you can then purchase your spring rod – I found mine at target. I also purchased my curtain panel from Target as well. Next, measure how long you will need your curtain to hang down and cut your length about 3 inches longer than where it will hit the ground. (you will be “iron hemming” the panel, so you need extra fabric to fold under.) Once you have the curtain cut to the correct length, you will then “iron hem” your curtains to the exact length you previously measured. I found my iron-on adhesive tape at Joann’s for like $2. The “ultra hold” is what the lady recommended at Joann’s and it worked great! After my curtain panel was all hemmed up, I fed it through the spring rod. Now all that’s left is to install it along the front of the table. And since we’re using a spring rod, it requires… well… no installation! Just put in place, and your good to go! 
You can also place the curtains along the sides of the table, but I haven’t found a need to yet. My table is placed in my kitchen where you don’t see the sides or back, so it works out nicely. I also thought I might have to leave the curtain partially open for Bailey to know where to go to the bathroom, but luckily I was wrong. Turns out cats are pretty smart and she simply slips right through the small opening of the curtain while keeping it completely closed. Yippee! 

 photo litterboxhouse5_zps81cac575.jpg
 photo litterboxhouse2_zpsbd28bc83.jpg
 photo litterboxhouse3_zps1b7318cd.jpg
 photo litterboxhouse4_zpsc6c0ac16.jpg
 photo Bailey_zps2183f46c.jpg
 photo litterboxhouse_zpse5c65a1b.jpg
So I hope everyone enjoyed my first tutorial from the NEW house! We are loving it so far and I have so so many more fun posts to come. 

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  1. It looks great! Right now ours is in the kids playroom so it doesn’t bother me much….the only decor in there is old sofas a super cheap area rug and a huge TV….I’m fine and they’re fine! LOL…..but if the cat stays after they are gone then this idea is perfect!

  2. Hi, I came over from hometalk. This is a cute idea.
    One of my kitties looks just like yours. This is a beautiful blog and I’m so glad I found it.
    Julia from

  3. *Fist Bump* From one crazy cat lady to another.

    Love this, I have something similar for mine. Well done.

  4. awwww, how sweet. It’s sad that you have to keep it in the kitchen, but you did a great job of hiding it! And you gave bailey some privacy and a fun place to hide. 🙂

  5. christine kelly Reply

    Very cute idea, but not so sure I will have mine in the kitchen,

  6. Jennifer Zirbel Reply

    Any chance you could update your images that are hosted on photobucket so I can see these great ideas for litterbox enclosures?

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