So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little MIA these days. Life happened and things (and by things, I mean a LOT of things) have changed over this past year.  I’ve taken a bit of a break from the blog to focus on myself (as well as put my home on the market) but don’t worry, things will pick back up soon!

I’ve been spending most of my days getting ready to sell my house. I know, I feel like I just moved in! But I’m taking things one day at a time and doing what I need to do. I still have a ton of room reveals to show you guys though, so get excited! And speaking of excitement… I’m thinking we need to switch gears a bit.

_HavenGuess who will be attending HAVEN this week?? ME! It will be my first time to ever attend the conference, so I really don’t know what to expect. And what’s even more crazy is that I’m SPEAKING. Whaaa? I’m still kind of in shock. I  keep thinking maybe they made a mistake! But regardless, I seriously cannot wait to get to Atlanta to fully amerce myself back into the blogging world. I’m thinking it will be JUST the pick-up I’ve been needing.

I will be speaking along side two very talented ladies – Sarah of Life on Virginia Street and Camila of Effortless Style. We will be talking about styling your home without looking too much like a catalog. We will be speaking on Friday and Saturday at 3:45, so don’t miss it!!

Who else will be attending this year?? Any advice for a first-timer??

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  1. I’ll be there! It’s my first Haven as well and I’m a big mixture of excited/nervous/anxious/scared right now 🙂 I’ve got y’all’s talk scheduled in though and I can’t wait to hear and meet you and all the other awesome ladies!

  2. Hey girl, Hope you are doing well. I know all about major life changes these days. We need to get together again.

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