Going Gold: Candle Makeover

Who doesn’t love a thrifty little makeover? I know I sure do! The other day I was looking around my house looking for a fun project to create. I remembered I had a box full of old candles I never unpacked from our old house. Project? Um, yeah!! I looked through the box and found two white candles and thought to myself… I think I’ve got a ::going gold:: post in my hands!

I had been dying to create some sort of project using gold tacks and knew this would be the easiest project EVER. I took a quick trip to Lowes and bought myself a $2 pack of gold tacks.

So… what your saying is this is a $2 project? Yupp!! It sure is! If you don’t already have the candles on hand, go to your local $1 store and pick up any ole white candle for just $1 or so. So now we’ve moved up to a $3-$4 project. I think we can still handle that;)


At first I was just going to create a gold trim along the bottom of the candle. But then I thought I would get creative with a zig zag pattern on the larger candle.


The process is SO easy. No glue involved whatsoever! All I did was push the thumbtacks into the candle in the pattern I desired. For the zig zag pattern, I used a piece of masking tape as my guide to make sure my pattern would stay even. But other than that, the project is as easy as it appears.

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And yet again, Bailey had to make her appearance. I swear, I can’t get through a photo shoot without her somehow popping in. I’m ok with it:) She’s pretty cute.


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28 thoughts on “Going Gold: Candle Makeover

  1. I truly love this idea. I might have to do something similar for Christmas!
    Bailey is so cute and the photo is amazing of her. My cats love to photobomb my projects 😉

  2. Love the thriftiness, ease, beauty of snazzying up your candles. Love how they look, will be gorgeous at the holidays. I’m already thinking of ideas how to use different tacks or upholstery tacks, spray paint the heads of the tacks? What fun. Happy days

  3. I love, love, love this simple yet elegant project! What a great statement piece! I would love for you to link this up to our All Things Thursday Blog Hop going on right now. Links are randomized, so still plenty of time for exposure! Hope to see you and your project there!

  4. These candles are gorgeous! I love the simple elegance of them and can’t wait to try this for the holidays! I’m featuring these today from last week’s All Things Thursday Blog Hop. I hope you’ll be back tonight to share more awesome projects.

  5. I recently did this with some flameless candles and thought I was so clever, haha. I wish I would have come across this post earlier or I could have jazzed up the candles before our wedding. I am definitely a fan of thumbtacks 🙂

  6. Awesome idea 🙂 Can anybody tell me what happens to the tacks when the wax hits them or the candle burns down and warms them- do they melt down a little or stay in shape for re-use?

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