It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner, don’t you agree? Well, believe it or not, Thanksgiving is next week and I wanted to craft up a little something to celebrate.

I’m sure you’ve heard of a “giving thanks tree” by now. It’s a fun little tradition that will seamlessly transition you from Thanksgiving to Christmas. It’s so simple and a wholesome activity you can do with the whole family. Simply gather up a number of branches from your yard and start jotting down everything you’ve been thankful for over the past year.


For this project I teamed up with a hand full of crafty bloggers and to see if we could create a Thanksgiving craft for under $30. And since I LOVE a good challenge, I just couldn’t pass it up. I’m a bit of a thrifty gal myself anyways, so making an affordable craft was right up my ally.

I first started with my vase, which I found at Target for $19. I then walked right into my backyard and started breaking off some branches from some overgrowth that (to be honest) probably needed a good trim anyways! I wanted to add some more color to the arrangement, so I included a faux yellow stem (also from Target for about $4) and a cranberry floral stem from World Market (for about $5).


The next half of the project consisted of brainstorming a few things I’m thankful for. For the hanging tags, I ended up using some place cards I found in the $1 section at Target. I taped them together and hung them from some ribbon I found leftover in my craft room.

After adding everything together, I actually came in under budget by $1! What I love most about this project is how versatile it is. You can not only use it for Thanksgiving, but also for Christmas if you use the right color palette. That’s one of the reasons I chose the color palette I did – a leafy green, a mustard yellow, and a stunning cranberry hue.

I also love that once the seasons are over, you can take apart your tree and re-use the vase. So although the vase was the most expensive part of the project, you will get TONS of use out of it in the long run.




So you might be wondering who’s next on this Thanksgiving Blog Hop? Well my friends, I invite you to check out Liddy’s Thanksgiving project. She and her husband blog all about DIY projects and creating unique spaces. She is SUPER adorable and has great style, so make sure to see what project she’s posting about today!


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