About a week ago, I received an email from Kirkland’s wanting me to do a “Look for Less” post for them. I was (to say the least) SUPER excited!! I immediately replied back with no hesitation. I grew up shopping at Kirkland’s and still do to this day. They have SO many beautiful products with SUCH an affordable price tag!

About a year ago, I wrote a Pottery Barn “Copycat” post which spread like wildfire around Pinterest. I always wanted to do another “Look for Less” post and knew Kirkland’s would be the perfect fit. If you don’t have a Kirkland’s near your city, no worries! Their online store is awesome and really worth checking out. Check it out [here].

Ok, now on to the fun stuff! I think it’s easy to say that most of us design nerds swoon over the designer look, but simply cannot afford it. Don’t worry my friends – no need to fret. Just because we might not all be able to afford designer tags like Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, West Elm etc., doesn’t mean we can’t get the LOOK FOR LESS! Lets look at some comparisons…


 Find the Kirkland’s version of these curtains [here]

You might also recognize these curtains from my dining room reveal [here]


Find the Kirkland’s version of this clock [here]


Find the Kirkland’s version of this lamp [here]


Find the Kirkland’s version of this chair [here]


Find the Kirkland’s version of this lamp [here]


Find the Kirkland’s version of this bench [here]

So what do you all think?? Pretty amazing huh!? As you all know by now, I am in LOVE with finding bargain prices – especially when they look JUST like the designer version. Overall, I ended up “spending” $1,440.00 at the designer stores, and only $505.00 at Kirkland’s! That is a total savings of nearly $1,000.00!!! Pretty speechless right now.

If you would like to find some fabulous finds like I did, make sure to check out the Kirkland’s website [here]. You won’t be disappointed!

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  1. I love a good “look for less.” It’s amazing what you can find with a bit of research. Great post! (And too crazy exciting that Kirkland’s contacted you! I hope you did a happy dance.)

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