Happy weekend all! Yes, yes it’s the end of the weekend I know, but I hope everyone had a great one. I spent most of my Saturday (ahem, ALL of my Saturday) introducing Bailey to a new kitten I’m wanting to adopt. One of my good friends found kittens in her back yard with NO mom to be found. They hadn’t eaten in who knows how long and are only about 2-3 weeks old. My heart melted and I knew I needed to help in any way possible. Long story short, I may or may not be adding another kitty to the family… more to come!

Aside from the kitten news, today I wanted to give y’all another little printable freebie. Feel free to download, print and frame a copy for your home! Enjoy;)



Click HERE to download the free printable. And don’t worry, my blog URL won’t be included on the download!


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