Over the past few weeks I have been transforming our “formal” living and dining room. It’s one long space and there isn’t really much division between the 2 spaces. For the longest time, it was basically the “leftover” room of all the furniture I didn’t use in the rest of the house. It ended up working pretty well for the last year we have been in the house, but it was about time for some change! Today I will be posting about { phase 2 } of 3 phases of this room makeover.

When I posted about my recent settee makeover, I also photographed what I thought was the “final” formal living room. Well, something in me knew that it still wasn’t a finished space. It just didn’t WOW me and I was still unhappy with a few key elements of the room. Although the room has changed since I took these photos, I want you to see the phases I work through when I design a space. It doesn’t always end up the way you think it will, and that’s perfectly okay! I am still in the third phase of the room, so that post will be coming soon;) 

First, I want to start with my inspiration board that I made for the space. Basically… If I was SUPER rich, this is what my formal living space would consist of. I like to call it { French Farmhouse Industrial! }

BUT I’m not super rich, so this is what my space REALLY looks like…

Phase 1:

The above is what our space has basically looked like over the past year or so. I really didn’t mind it at all, but I always knew I would eventually change things up.

Like I said, a lot of this is “hand me down” furniture that I have either re-finished, or re-painted. I love most of it, but the designer in me does wish it wasn’t so mix-matchy. The size of the different furniture pieces aren’t meant to all be in the same room… 

And by that, I’m talking about the ENORMOUS buffet against the main wall. It’s massive. Ginormous. Fabulously HUGE. It’s an 1800’s antique that I refinished and I just love it. BUT it’s too large for this area and dwarfs any surrounding furniture that I try to place near it.  When we moved in, we didn’t know where to place it, and it just ended up in that spot. It has always bothered me in that location, but it was just too heavy for the hubby and I to move on our own… or so we thought!! Stay tuned because { phase 3 } will give a whole new life to this fabulously large buffet. But until then, below is what the room has looked like over the past few weeks. Phase 2!!

Phase 2:

So there ya have it – the second phase of our formal living/dining room.  I am so excited to show y’all the finished product once it’s all done! Hope y’all enjoyed!

Oh and I just have to share some updated pictures of my little Bailey girl;) Isn’t she just the cutest little kitty?? I just love her:):):)

Happy Monday!!

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  1. Can you tell me where you got the rugs? Love the curtains and pillows– great pops of color!

    • Of course! I found them at Marshall’s about a year ago. They are actually indoor/outdoor rugs:)

  2. Amy, I LOVE your blog! So many fabulous ideas 😉 Where did you find (or maybe you made it??) that awesome fireplace/mantle in the background?

    • Thanks so much! I actually made the fireplace with my dad a few years ago! I wish I could post a how-to, but I’m not sure if I have the process pictures:(

      Glad you are enjoying my blog:):)

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