With the new house, I’ve been taking things slowly – much slower than I ever have in my past moves. My 2 couches were recently delivered from Wayfair and I couldn’t be happier with them. They are literally the most beautiful pieces of furniture I’ve ever owned.

I’ve been able to arrange the room with a few little items here and there. I’m still not completely finished by any means, but I wanted to give you a peak of the details I’ve started so far.


Isn’t that sofa amazing?? It’s the Elements Fine Home Furnishings Estate Sofa from Wayfair, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I actually have 2 sitting across from each other, but I will reveal that layout in another post:):)




Seriously, I can’t get enough of that tufted back!! Literally to die for. My equestrian horse sculpture is from Marshall’s from a few years ago. I didn’t use it in our last rental, but I’m so glad it found a new home in this house. It goes so well with the overall design.


details_formalLiving8 My lamp is from Ross and my pillow covers are from H&M from a few years ago. They don’t have these in stock any more, but they have SO many amazing other options for dirt cheap.


And of course my sweet Bailey loves the sofas as well. This room has turned into Bella and Bailey’s favorite room in the entire house. It’s actually really sweet because I will walk in and see one sleeping on each couch — swoon!

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  1. Love our blog and thoroughly enjoyed seeing your living room. I love the couches, but nothing is as pretty as those cats. Your home looks so homey and inviting. Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing more of your items on your blog. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Betty Whatley

  2. Hi Amy-
    I love Wayfair – I purchased a few things from them.
    Your couch is beautiful. I just purchased a new chair for my Family Room and it has the tufted back as well – It makes the room look so elegant.
    You must be so excited to furnish your new home. I’m so happy for you, I know from your blog how important this was for you.
    Enjoy every minute of decorating you new home.
    Have a wonderful day.

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