Man, I’m exhausted and it’s only Wednesday! Am I alone here? I feel like I’ve somehow fit a million hours into 3 days. This week has seriously been so crazy because the hubs and I have been working hard to create our DIY Factory Cart Table. I will say, this has not been the easiest process I’ve ever gone through. In fact, it’s been more difficult than I anticipated. Let just say, I’ve been to Lowes SO many times this week, that they recognize me… And I’m not even joking. It’s bad.
When we decided we wanted to make this table, I thought finding the cast iron wheels would be the hard part. But I was wrong. The hardest part has been trying to find all the rest of the hardware. I searched and searched and had no luck. Darn. The only place I even found the hardware for sale was online, and for the entire vintage set, it was like $400. Um, no thank you! That’s when I realized we would have to “rig” a few things to make it work. Here are a few pics of what we have so far:
I brought out our trey that we use on our current coffee table to make sure the proportions would work. We’ve made some measurement adjustments since this picture to make it fit our space better.
Here is a close up of a few boards I distressed. This process takes some time, so I only have about 3 boards done so far. I will post on this process soon.
Looky looky! Our casters arrived today!! I ordered the smaller wheels from Etsy and the larger ones are from the Fort Worth flea market.
The hubs was sketching out a few notes before we went to Lowes. Normally I’m the sketcher in the family, but hey, he had an idea so I let him loose with the pen! Such a proud moment;)
Making a few last measurements before we headed off to Lowes!
Hopefully after our 4th trip to Lowes we finally have all the correct supplies. We’re pretty tired tonight to work on it anymore but hopefully we’ll find the energy later in the week. More to come!

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  1. I’m pretty impressed with those wheels! I can’t believe you found them so easily … It’s looking great so far! I’m curious to see what your improvised hardware will look like :).

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